The Christian Marriage and Marital Issues We Face.

Do You Want To Be A Wife Who Prays For Your Husband?

Pray for your husband

I know the answer to my question, “Do you want to be a wife who prays for your husband?” The answer is “Yes, I want to pray for my husband” or you would have never read this far. I am like you, I want to be a wife who prays for my husband. We should be the one person our husband can count on to pray for him. So dear sister, I want to encourage you to pray for your husband, because he needs it.   He has so many …

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If Only My Husband Knew

I have been given a wonderful, yet unique and somewhat scary opportunity to speak at a men’s retreat about marriage. I guess you could say they are sending me in to be a voice for their wives. Some how I am supposed to step in to a room full of men and give them something that makes a difference in their marriage and helps them understand their wife. Wow! Is that ever a task!   I am honored they asked and excited that a significant part of their retreat is …

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Marriage, Money, and Teamwork

Today’s blog is from my dear sister in Christ, Debbie Takewell. Debbie is a CPA with a heart for God. I hope you will be blessed by her wisdom, insight, and practical help about marriage, money, and teamwork.   In almost every aspect of marriage, it takes both spouses to get things accomplished, especially if you have children. Most husbands and wives divide and conquer all aspects of running their households to ensure it runs smoothly. This can only be accomplished by communicating with each other. The truth is managing …

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Budget and Discipline

When addressing money in marriage some difficult topics such as budget and discipline are sure to rise to the surface. Watch the interview with Dr. Joneal Kirby and identify your areas of strengths or weaknesses in dealing with money in your marriage and learn practical ways you and your spouse can handle money in your marriage.

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Money in Marriage

Today’s blog post, “Money in Marriage” is from Taylor Draughn, Marriage and Family Therapy Intern. Most married women have argued with their husbands over money and how to manage it at some point in their marriage. I interviewed a couple who have been married for 18 years. Their biggest obstacle they faced and overcame in their marriage is how to manage their money. I asked them basic information to show how different they value money and how they were able to overcome this challenge.

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Our View of Money

I have heard it said that money is one of the top causes for arguments in a marriage. Not sure if that is your story, but it is mine. In the early years of our marriage my husband and I were polar opposites in how we viewed and handled money. We were raised differently and experienced differing situations based on a number of different factors.

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Reoccurring Conflict

Todays blog post about reoccurring conflict is from my friend and personal health coach, Ashley White. Which is better, being right or being at peace? In the middle of a reoccurring conflict with her loved one she lost perspective and ignored this question. She felt justified and decided to stand her ground. Her feelings took charge and she vowed to no longer be taken advantage of. Her firm stance caused both to push away magnifying the problem. Each harped on the others mistakes causing defensive feelings to rise.

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Lord, Control Our Tongue!

Joneal and Taylor have given some great counseling tips regarding conflict and communication. Our Bible study from our opening post about conflict and communication taught us the value of submission and unity in a marriage. Now take a journey with me through the Old Testament book of wisdom and “how to’s,” Proverbs.   Truth King Solomon wrote Proverbs as wise instructions to his son. He wanted him to know what to look for and avoid when marrying a wife. Solomon repeatedly told his son: Better to dwell in a corner of …

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Conflict – A Gateway To Intimacy

Come and join me as I learn from Dr. Joneal Kirby about conflict and communication in marriage. She had my attention when she began our interview stating that conflict is a gateway to intimacy in a marriage. How in the world can that be?  Intimacy in marriage links up with conflict in marriage because it is through working through hard times and issues that we grow and strengthen our relationship. I want to end with a prayer for you and your husband. Remember the power of praying in agreement. …

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