Speaking Topics for Christian Women Events

Here is a list of the different topics that Pat has spoken on in past women’s events:

* Asterisks beside the topic title indicates that the topic has been written as a retreat.

CHAINS(Pat’s Personal testimony)

Chain's Testimony

Pat at First Baptist Orlando

Pat shares the personal story of her journey with the Lord in powerful presentation demonstrating the chains that bound her. She explains how Jesus took her from a dark pit to the bright place of His salvation. She tells her story of a mind-gripping past and learning to walk in and live in freedom. She shares how God worked with her to bring her to a place of total trust in Jesus. Her story will inspire and encourage Christian women to pursue and seek after wholeness.. Christian women find encouragement and strength from Pat’s story as her passion ignites their hearts to seek Christ and inspires them to apply God’s word to their everyday life.


Thirsty Woman With A Messy Life *

Christian Women

Speaking at Heart to Home Conference

This is Pat’s signature speaking topic because she relates to the woman in John 4 as her kindred spirit from the Bible. Pat shares her story and the woman’s story in a unique and relevant way. She recognizes the struggles many women face today and that they may not be so different than the struggles women have always faced. Her story becomes relatable to Christian women on many levels. The woman’s thirst is quenched and then she lives out loud for Jesus. Pat inspires Christian women to do the same.

 ·      This topic has been adapted to use for luncheons, 2 session events and 3 session retreats.


Equipped and Empowered *

Today is a day women must be equipped for spiritual battle because whether we like it or not, we are in one. We are in a time of unmatched seduction and deception. Evil influences bombard our senses everyday through media, culture, images, songs, books, news, etc…Too many Christian women live defeated lives because of a lack biblical knowledge and they don’t recognize Satan’s work.   

We will establish the nature of the battle and

  • Learn key things about the Enemy and his evil ways
  • Focus on understanding specific traits of the Lord and His ways
  • Address potential personal strengths and possible weaknesses
  • Discover the weapons of our warfare

Equipped and Empowered has been written as a retreat with 3 sessions based on The Nature of the Battle, Knowing the Lord, Lies We Believe and 2 Breakout sessions.


One Touch, One Passion *

One Touch based on Mark 5:25-35, A victim of rape at age 13, Pat relates her story to the woman in Mark 5:25-34. She connects the woman’s unclean state to the uncleanness she experienced and leads Christian women to see their own issues. She shares the necessity of getting real with God about our issues, and reaching out by faith to experience His healing touch. She demonstrates how Jesus responds to us when we do. 

One Touch, One Passion is based on Hebrews 11:6 ad Ephesians 4:1-6.

This topic has been written as a 3-session retreat:

  •  Session 1 – One Touch based on Mark 5:25-35
  • Session 2 – One Passion Pt.1 based on Hebrews 11:6
  • Session 3 – One Passion Pt. 2 based on Ephesians 4:1-6
  • 2 Breakout sessions included       


My Maker and Me *

 My Maker and Me focuses on God as our Creator and Maker and what that says to us and about us as Christian women. Session 2 calls for our devotion to our Creator and Maker and looks at our devotion through the lens of a difficult Old Testament passage. The final session portrays our worship, the personal delight of our worship, and how others may view and be affected by our worship.


The First Woman and Today’s Woman

Genesis 3:1-13 tells the story of being a woman. Eve gives today’s Christian women an understanding of their role and impact on the lives of others. The serpent spoke to Eve with evil intention knowing her weaknesses and strengths. Pat addresses these strengths and weaknesses, how the enemy works to deceive, and lessons to learn from Eve’s mistakes. Today’s Christian women will walk away understanding that God created them to be both powerful and vulnerable and how they can balance these two realities.


Wild and Radical

Driving down the road on a bright sunshiny day, Pat remembered a moment from her past leading her to say, once again, to the Lord, “I am so sorry, Lord.” Even though she had lived a wild past life, God spoke to her heart that He had created her to live wild and radical for His glory. He reminded her of Paul’s transformation from Saul and the fact that He did not lose his zeal when he began to live for Jesus. This message focuses on 2 Samuel 6:12-22 when David danced before the Lord. In the Old Testament, New Testament, and even today God delights in our zeal for Him. Christian women will be inspired to live extreme for His glory and to cling to the passion and zeal God has given them.


The Potter and His Clay

 God uses pottery throughout Scripture to reveal who He is and how He works with His people. Christian women can learn from looking at the basics of pottery and understanding how God is at work in our life. In Pat’s first pottery class, her teacher said, “Foundation is crucial,” similar to the words of Jesus in Matthew 7:24-27. This set her on a course of learning pottery motivated by her desire to know her maker. This glimpse at an age old art and the Master Potter focuses on having a right foundation. In addition, Pat will share how He uses the fire to craft us into a beautiful and usable vessel.

Everybody’s Got A Dream! Living the Dream

God is a dream-giver. His dream equals His promise. Joshua and Caleb were men with God-given dreams. Treasures from God’s word revive our dreams and teach us how to live life as we move forward into the fulfillment of God’s promises for our lives. Pat inspires Christian women to renew their dedication to God and their dreams. Pat shares how she never gave up and pressed on as she shares her personal call to ministry, her battles, and a heart of commitment to see His dream for her fulfilled.  Scripture focus is Joshua 14:6-14 &15:14.

  • Dream = Desire of our heart given by God
  • What is the promise that God has spoken to you heart?
  • What and where is your dream?


Choice Transformation

Many could use a choice transformation. Pat tells the top reasons that led her to make poor choices as a teen and young adult. She then examines how she began to make good choices. Pat gives Christian women a list of spiritual disciplines she uses in her relationship with the Lord. She also uses Scripture to explain why these disciplines work.

  • Spiritual Disciplines Matter
    • Why is reading God’s word so important? Romans 12:1-2
    • Why alone? Mark 1:35& Luke 5:16
    • Why early? Proverbs 8:17
    • Why list prayers and pray Scripture over those prayers? Hebrews 4:12
    • Why your quiet time should not be so quiet? 2 Corinthians 4:7 – 1



Pat will write specific retreat or conference material based on your specified theme.

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