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Praying for Our Husband: Our Most Important Role

Praying for our husband

  Praying for our husband maybe our most important role as a Christian wife. We know we need God’s help in our marriages; therefore we know we need to pray for our husbands. Besides, If we don’t pray for our husband, who will? Our husbands have so many things to face in this world. If we want them to grow in their relationship with Jesus, with us, and our children, why would we not pray for them?   Praying for our husband is counter culture.   We live in a …

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Husband Appreciation & Loving Our Husbands

Husband Appreciation

Husband appreciation is an important part of loving our husbands. Appreciation is such a vital element of a healthy life. Sometimes our tendency is to focus on the bad rather than the good. But the truth is that we benefit when we have a grateful attitude. Recently I read an article in Psychology Today that talked about multiple studies done related to gratitude and grateful people.

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