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    What Hopeless Situation Are You Facing Today?


    Too many people live hopeless. In fact, hope is a precious and rare treasure in the world today. I see people living without hope in so many ways. The darkness of this world and sometimes our own difficult situations impact our belief system. The spiritual enemy of our soul uses the circumstances of this world and of our own life to deceive us and lures us to place our hope in things that will fail us. I believe when we place hope in anything other than Jesus alone, we eventually …

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    Sixteen Benefits of God’s Word based on Psalm 119

    Benefits of God's Word

    Psalm 119 focuses on the benefits of God’s Word. While Psalm 119 is the longest Psalm, it makes up a tiny portion of the entirety of God’s word. However, I find it interesting that Psalm 119 is placed at the center of the Bible. The benefits of His word seem to be set as the heart and soul of the Bible. Last week in my blog post, God Gave Us the Bible To Be A Light In the Dark, I challenged those willing to take the challenge to read, study, mediate …

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    New Year, New You: Six Things the Bible Teaches Us

    New Year New You

    New Year, New You, at this time of year, it’s what we do. We all long for something new and we see evidence of that everywhere we look when a new year approaches. Search the internet for the most common new year’s resolutions and you see a big shift in the things people want one week after Christmas.   During Christmas our desire is for new things: new clothes, new shoes, new jewelry, new cars, new computers, phones, and the latest and greatest technology. We get gifts and satisfy our …

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    God Wants Our Attention

    God Wants Our Attention

    The true Christmas message is God wants our attention. Fifteen years ago I taught a Sunday School class for teen girls. I loved every minute of those years with those girls. I learned so much preparing for the lessons for them each week. In 2004, I prepared to teach a Christmas message with the key question, “Why did God send salvation in the form of a baby?” (more…)

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    How the Christmas Story Really Began: Fears, Impossibility, & Truth

    Christmas Story

    My Christmas story begins at Thanksgiving. The Christmas season is my favorite. I have a lifetime of wonderful memories of Christmas tree shopping, decorating, eating sweet treats, and spending a lot of precious time with precious family. What about you? How does your Christmas Story begin? (more…)

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    Wise Men Worship the Good Shepherd

    Wise men

    Wise men sought to find and worship the newborn King. Wise men and women still seek to find and worship the King.   Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, wise men from the East came to Jerusalem. saying, “Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him.” (more…)

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    Do You Know Someone Who Needs A Life Change?

    Life Change

    Twenty-five years ago I was the someone who needed life change. Life change came when I encountered Jesus. He stepped into my life and turned my life around. I was the one who no one thought it could be real. I even heard that people said, “There is no way she is following Jesus.” (more…)

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    Being Thankful During Every Season

    Being Thankful

    Being thankful is the heart of Thanksgiving which has always been one of my favorite holidays. My fondest childhood memories are sitting around a table with family, eating way too much, watching football, playing outside with my cousins, and finishing the day with decorating for Christmas. I loved the food, the family time, and the excitement for the next season to celebrate. (more…)

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