Coronavirus Is An Opportunity To See Our Power United In Prayer

United In Prayer

What happens to Coronavirus when we come together united in prayer? Join me and let’s find out! Last week in my blog post, Spiritually Gifted To Be Different; Divinely Called To Be One,  I talked about the power of the differences of our gifts unified as one. (more…)

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Spiritually Gifted To Be Different; Divinely Called To Be One

spiritually gifted

I woke up in the middle of the night last night thinking about how God spiritually gifted us all. Usually that is a sure sign God wants me to teach on that topic. Why? Because teaching God’s Word to women is what He spiritually gifted me to do. (more…)

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Desperation… Do You Want More Than Anything?


What is your desperation based on? If I were to ask you, What do you want more than anything? What would be your answer? What is the thing that keeps you up at night and you can’t get out of you head all day long? Is there anything you feel you desperately need God to do for you? (more…)

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Our Spiritual Growth And How God’s Guidance Carries Us Through Every Stage

spiritual growth

As Christians we are all on a journey of spiritual growth. Our spiritual growth in a cyclic process of growing, learning, developing, and maturing and it happens in the context of a relationship with Jesus through His Spirit and His Word. Spiritual growth doesn’t happen one without the other. (more…)

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What Are You Doing With Your Influence?


Influence is power and the person who has it has power.   When writing and studying for my bible study Equipped and Empowered: Preparing Women For Spiritual Battle several years ago, I discovered that the first person to have the power of influence was a woman whose name was Eve. (more…)

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God Created Woman To Be A Life Giver

Life Giver

Life giver is woman’s divine purpose. That is one of the first things discovered when studying about the creation of the first woman in Genesis. Even her name expressed her divine purpose of a life Giver. Eve If we look at Eve’s name in the original Hebrew language her name means Life, living, or making alive. That original Hebrew word is a feminine proper name that comes from a root word that means to announce, to tell, to declare, show, make known, and a second meaning, to breathe.   That root …

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Do You Realize You Are Creation’s Crown?

Creations Crown Blog

  Why do I say you are creation’s crown?   First, let’s define crown:   A crown is a reward or mark of honor; a symbol of royalty. When talking about an element of creation, the crown is positioned as the peak. (more…)

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Truest Devotion: God Is Devoted To Me!


Since accepting God’s call to ministry in 2002 I would say that I have live my life devoted to God.  However, last night I woke up in the middle of the night and laid in bed praying and thanking God for His goodness in my life. I counted my blessings one by one. Then I began to tell God how devoted I was to Him. Then came my moment of revelation.   God Is Devoted To Me   In fact He is more devoted to me than I will ever …

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DO NOT GIVE UP! God’s Word Will Come Through!

Do not give up

Many women have said to me, “I don’t understand the Bible”  and have given up trying to understand what God’s word says. I have been there as well, but I have found the truth of Isaiah 55:11 to be very real in my own life. (more…)

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What Hopeless Situation Are You Facing Today?


Too many people live hopeless. In fact, hope is a precious and rare treasure in the world today. I see people living without hope in so many ways. The darkness of this world and sometimes our own difficult situations impact our belief system. The spiritual enemy of our soul uses the circumstances of this world and of our own life to deceive us and lures us to place our hope in things that will fail us. I believe when we place hope in anything other than Jesus alone, we eventually …

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