Faith Devotionals

Devotions on Having Faith in God.

Jesus Was Always There

Jesus Was Always There

At this point in my life, I know that Jesus was always there with me.   The two words, “Always there” speak of an absolute and true element of God’s character.   When I think back throughout my life, I first remember my early childhood and many precious memories of my life at church. My parents took me to church every Sunday morning, Sunday evening, every Wednesday, and if there was any other reason to go to church any other day of the week, we were there. If the church was …

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Not Already Perfected, But We Press On

Press on

  Press on – No two words have impacted my life, calling, and ministry more than these two words. Our brother, Paul spoke those words in Philippians 3:12.   Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ has also laid hold of me. Philippians 3:12   Eighteen years ago, God called me to ministry. I gladly accepted the calling out of true love for God and a deep devotion to Him because of all that …

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God Will Help Me – Do You Believe That?

God Will help

  Have you ever wondered if God will help you? Maybe you were confident that God helps other people, but when it comes to believing that God will help you, it’s another story. I have taught people to believe God and to believe that God will help them in various situations, and at the same time, struggled to believe that very thing for myself.   Why do we believe God will help other people but not us?   For many of us, our problem is not with our faith in …

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Do We Really Want The Exceeding Greatness Of God’s Power?

God's Power

God’s power is something most of us would say that we want in our life. But, do we really?   First, let’s think about what God’s power does for us.   His power breathes fresh life into us each and every day. It sustains us as we go through our day to day life. Therefore, at the very least, we can see that we need His power for the basic element of continued life. However, (more…)

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The Beauty Of Being A “Whoever”

Whoever John 3:16

  Whoever is such a generic term. It is a pronoun emphasizing “who”. I was surprised when I looked up the definition to see that this pronoun, whoever is typically used expressing surprise or confusion.   Let’s think about that in relation to a Scripture verse that we, Christians know well.   (more…)

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Our Testimony Truly Has Power To Impact Lives

Our Testimony

  Our testimony is how Jesus shines His light on others in this world. What your story says about how Jesus worked in your life, touches and impacts lives around us.   Sharing our testimony doesn’t have to be something daunting and scary or structured and perfect. Really, it is simply telling our story of how Jesus stepped into our life and the difference He made in our life. (more…)

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Remembering Past Victories During Our Present Difficulties

Remembering Past Victories

  Remembering past victories can be one of our greatest benefits in our present difficulties.   Going through this current season has caused me to take some time to remember. Recently I thought back to one of our families past victories, when my oldest daughter was about to get married. (more…)

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Coronavirus Is An Opportunity To See Our Power United In Prayer

United In Prayer

What happens to Coronavirus when we come together united in prayer? Join me and let’s find out! Last week in my blog post, Spiritually Gifted To Be Different; Divinely Called To Be One,  I talked about the power of the differences of our gifts unified as one. (more…)

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Abraham’s Faith: A Physical Reality Unconsidered

Abraham's Faith

Abraham’s faith took me by surprise this morning. If I have read Romans 4 once, I have read it at least a hundred times. But today was one of those days where the Word of God turned me upside down. When I read the words, “who, contrary to hope, in hope believed.” Contrary to hope basically says against all hope. The Scripture passage focused on Abraham’s faith. While Hebrews 11 might be the Hall of Faith. Roman’s 4 is Abraham’s induction into the Hall of Faith Ceremony. The whole chapter …

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