Devotions for Women

New Beginnings: Is God Preparing You?

New Beginnings

New beginnings can be exciting! I am excited to have a few weeks of devotional blogs and then we will begin a new blog series. Three weeks ago I became a grandmother. That’s exciting! My daughter and her husband are planners. When their baby girl was born, they had done all the prep work, budgeted, and planned their baby’s entrance into this world as much as was possible. They wanted to make sure their new beginning was the best it could be. My husband and I are adding a built-in …

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Growing Up

primi passi

I hope you are blessed as you see the sweet picture of an earthly daddy with his young son as he is growing up. I pray that you see the sweetness as related to us as spiritual children of a perfect heavenly daddy loving and leading us as we are growing up and becoming spiritually mature. Blessings! Pat Domangue (more…)

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