Trust Devotionals

Devotions on Trusting God and His Word.

What Is The Exceeding Greatness Of God’s Power?


If asked the question, Do you want the exceeding greatness of God’s power, most of us would say, Absolutely! God’s power breathes fresh life into us each and every day. It sustains us as we go through our day to day life; therefore, we must acknowledge that we need His power for the basic element of continued life. However, (more…)

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God knows, God Values

God knows

God Knows   God knows every detail of every struggle, of every heartache, of every joy, of everything we love, like, hate, and everything in between. The irony is how much we question if our situation or circumstance is in His line of vision at all. This is especially true when we have a difficult situation we have been praying about for what seems like a long time. I have 2 specific situations that I have been praying about for a few years. In one situation, I can see change …

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God’s Will For Your Life Begins With Your Day

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God’s will for our life is something most of us want to know, pursue, and understand. I have been asked, “How do I know God’s will for my life?” numerous times. Thinking about how to answer, I must consider that the question itself may be the wrong thing to ask. Maybe we should not be asking, “What is God’s will for my life?” Maybe we should pray, “Lord teach me Your will for my day, my present situation, or even my moment.  (more…)

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