Encouragement Devotionals

What Are You Doing With Your Influence?


Influence is power and the person who has it has power.   When writing and studying for my bible study Equipped and Empowered: Preparing Women For Spiritual Battle several years ago, I discovered that the first person to have the power of influence was a woman whose name was Eve. (more…)

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Truest Devotion: God Is Devoted To Me!


Since accepting God’s call to ministry in 2002 I would say that I have live my life devoted to God.  However, last night I woke up in the middle of the night and laid in bed praying and thanking God for His goodness in my life. I counted my blessings one by one. Then I began to tell God how devoted I was to Him. Then came my moment of revelation.   God Is Devoted To Me   In fact He is more devoted to me than I will ever …

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New Year, New You: Six Things the Bible Teaches Us

New Year New You

New Year, New You, at this time of year, it’s what we do. We all long for something new and we see evidence of that everywhere we look when a new year approaches. Search the internet for the most common new year’s resolutions and you see a big shift in the things people want one week after Christmas.   During Christmas our desire is for new things: new clothes, new shoes, new jewelry, new cars, new computers, phones, and the latest and greatest technology. We get gifts and satisfy our …

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God Wants Our Attention

God Wants Our Attention

The true Christmas message is God wants our attention. Fifteen years ago I taught a Sunday School class for teen girls. I loved every minute of those years with those girls. I learned so much preparing for the lessons for them each week. In 2004, I prepared to teach a Christmas message with the key question, “Why did God send salvation in the form of a baby?” (more…)

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How the Christmas Story Really Began: Fears, Impossibility, & Truth

Christmas Story

My Christmas story begins at Thanksgiving. The Christmas season is my favorite. I have a lifetime of wonderful memories of Christmas tree shopping, decorating, eating sweet treats, and spending a lot of precious time with precious family. What about you? How does your Christmas Story begin? (more…)

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Do You Know Someone Who Needs A Life Change?

Life Change

Twenty-five years ago I was the someone who needed life change. Life change came when I encountered Jesus. He stepped into my life and turned my life around. I was the one who no one thought it could be real. I even heard that people said, “There is no way she is following Jesus.” (more…)

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Being Thankful During Every Season

Being Thankful

Being thankful is the heart of Thanksgiving which has always been one of my favorite holidays. My fondest childhood memories are sitting around a table with family, eating way too much, watching football, playing outside with my cousins, and finishing the day with decorating for Christmas. I loved the food, the family time, and the excitement for the next season to celebrate. (more…)

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Waiting On God To Fulfill His Promise Is The Hard Part Of Following God

Waiting OnGod

  Waiting on God and His promises has always been hard for me. I would call waiting on God the dreaded part of His promise. For me, if I want something, I wanted it yesterday, not tomorrow, and certainly not later than that.   When I sat down to write this blog post, I asked God to help me. My words were, “Lord, I am tired. I don’t’ have this in me. Could You help me?” I went to a different screen on my computer and Galatians 6:9 was the …

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Have You Forgotten Anything You Need To Remember?

need to remember

Have you ever driven away from your house and felt like you forgot something that you need to remember? You know those moments of: “Did I turn off the iron?” “Do I have everything I need today?” “I can’t remember if I remembered to take the chicken out of the freezer.” (more…)

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