Encouragement Devotionals

Do You Struggle With Believing God Will Help You?

God will help

Have you ever wondered if God will help you? Maybe you were confident that God helps other people, but when it comes to believing that God will help you, it’s another story. I have taught people to believe God and to believe that He will help them in various situations, and at the same time, struggled to believe that very thing for myself. (more…)

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Why We Need A Software Update On Our Christian Heart

software update

This morning I opened my computer to find that annoying pop-up telling me I needed a software update. Often times, I choose the “try again later” option because I don’t have time to deal with waiting on the update to process at the time. Today was not one of those times. Not that I had any extra time, but I just decided to get it over with rather than continually tell my computer to update later. So I clicked “update” and it began. (more…)

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