Life as a Family with Children

What Are You Doing With Your Influence?


Influence is power and the person who has it has power.   When writing and studying for my bible study Equipped and Empowered: Preparing Women For Spiritual Battle several years ago, I discovered that the first person to have the power of influence was a woman whose name was Eve. (more…)

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A Mother’s Heart and Jesus’ Heart Toward Children

Mother's Heart

Nothing has caused this mother’s heart to fear more than fear for my children. When my daughters were young and growing up I constantly battled fear. Every bad story I heard caused me to fear for my children.  I feared that I would lose them to a house fire, that disease would strike them, that they would fall prey to evil men, that they would be kidnapped… You name it when it came to my three daughters, I feared. (more…)

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A Dream To Adopt, A Call To Foster-Care


Growing up in my family, the running joke about me was that I would run an orphanage one day. Foster-care was never mentioned, but my heart has always been in adoption. From a very young age, I believed that I would adopt a child one day. However, as I got older, the call to adopt became less pronounced. I knew I would adopt one day but until that time I couldn’t do anything to help the orphan.     Now I know that I can help the orphan. In March of …

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Christian Parenting: Powerful Heritage

Christian Parenting

Christian parenting is something I experienced since birth. I was born to Christian parents. I had the kind of life that most anyone would desire. My parents weren’t wealthy, but they were comfortable. They loved me and loved each other. I was protected and cared for. When my mama would take me to the pediatrician when I was little, she would tell him that I was spoiled rotten. He always replied, “She’s just loved.” I was. Yes, I was loved. And yes, I was spoiled rotten. (more…)

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Prayers For Children

Prayers for Children

Prayers For Children is written by my sweet sister in Christ, Debbie Takewell. Debbie has been a part of On Fire Ministries since before On Fire Ministries ever began. She was an encourager who continually prodded me towards God’s call in my life! Thank you Debbie for being such an investor into people’s lives! Prayers For Children comes on the heels of our Prayer Matters Bible study. If you did not participate in the local study, you can still sign up for my e-newsletter and blog on my web-site and …

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Honoring God More Than Our Children

Honoring God

Honoring God  In my last blog post, 3 Key Actions That Will Benefit Our Children A Lifetime, we looked at the story of Hannah who devoted her child, Samuel, to the service of the Lord. Hannah honored the Lord more than her precious child. Ironically, another parent with not so noble parenting skills follows this story. Eli, the priest of God, was a parent of two “corrupt” sons who “did not know the Lord.” (1 Samuel 2:12) Therefore the sin of the young men was very great before the LORD… …

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Keeping Children Safe

Keeping Children Safe

Keeping My Children Safe Nothing has caused me more fear than fear for my children. When they were little, I was afraid someone would kidnap them. I feared a house fire. I feared some dreadful disease. I feared they might fall prey to evil men. You name it, when it comes to my three daughters, I have feared. Keeping children safe is a big deal to a mom! (more…)

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