The Christian Marriage and Marital Issues We Face.

Is the role of Christian women catering to others?


Is the role of Christian women catering to others? Do you ever feel like your life is spent catering to the wants and needs of everybody else in your life? If you are a Christian woman, I would say most of you feel that way or have felt that way in the past. Many Christian women live this catering life because they let two core beliefs rule their life: Everybody’s wants and needs are above my own. As a Christian woman I am to be a constant giver but never …

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Desperate Households – The Role of Women


Hey Ladies! I am super excited about sharing this series with you. For the next ten weeks we will be discussing 5 key factors that cause “Desperate Households” and biblical and practical ways we can have healthy homes instead of “Desperate Households.” This week’s topic is “The Role of Women.” We want to make sure we are living out spiritually, emotionally, physically healthy roles as women. Each day we will present a different aspect of “The Role of Women.” Today’s blog is a video of an interview with Marriage and …

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