Speaking Topics for Christian Women Events

Thank you for visiting my Speaking Topics page. If you do not see a topic that fits your event, I will prayerfully consider your theme and share a biblically based message that connects with your specific needs for your event.

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Pat Domangue


Chain's Testimony

Pat at First Baptist Orlando


Chains is my personal testimony where I use a powerful visual incorporating chains to demonstrate how I was bound by sin. I share how Jesus took me from a dark pit to the bright place of His salvation, freedom, and total trust.


Because God’s Word transformed my life, I want women to know the power of His word. My story inspires and encourages Christian women to pursue wholeness and apply God’s word to their everyday life.


Chains can be shared with any other speaking topics.




Christian Women

Speaking at Heart to Home Conference


Thirsty Woman With A Messy Life is the story of the woman at the well from John 4. I weave our life stories together in a unique and relevant way that identifies with women and the struggles we commonly face.


We identify with the thirsty woman in need of what only Jesus can give and experience an encounter with the only One who can quench her thirst. Finally, we see how this one woman’s encounter changed her world and the lives of others as her transformation compelled her to live unashamedly for Jesus.


  • This speaking topic can be used for one, two, or three session events.



Speaking at Unveiled at First Baptist Orlando

Equipped and Empowered prepares women for the spiritual battles we face. We live in a culture of unmatched seduction and deception. Evil influences bombard our senses everyday. Too many women live defeated because of a lack biblical knowledge and not being aware of how Satan works.


We will learn how to recognize the battle, how our spiritual enemy operates, and how to identify specific traits of the Lord invaluable to our victory. We will address possible weaknesses, personal potential, and effective weapons available to us in Scripture.


  • This speaking topic can be used for one, two, or three session events.


Pat Domangue speaking at Deep

Speaking at the Deep Conference

One Touch is the story of the woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5:25-34. Her story reminds us that we all have issues. I connect the woman’s unclean state to my own sexual assault experience as a young teenager. Connecting my story with hers helps other women identify where their own story intersects.


In this message, we recognize the safety of coming to Jesus with our issues and how facing our issues and reaching out by faith to experience Jesus’ healing leads us to wholeness.


  • This speaking topic can be used for one, two, or three session events.


Speaking at Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary


Living The Dream is a look into the story of Caleb in Joshua 14:6-14. God is a dream-giver and Caleb had a dream. God’s dream equals His promise. Treasures from God’s word revive our dreams and teach us how to live life as we move forward into the fulfillment of God’s promises for our lives.


Discouraged women find encouragement as I share my personal call to ministry, my struggles, and my commitment. Through Caleb’s story, we are renewed in our dedication to God and our dreams.





Speaking at BeautyFully Alive Retreat

The Potter and His Clay is a look at how God uses pottery throughout Scripture to reveal who He is and how He works with His people. Christian women learn from looking at the basics of pottery and understanding how God is at work in our life.


In my first pottery class, my teacher said, “Foundation is crucial,” which reminds me of the words of Jesus in Matthew 7:24-27. We will focus on having the right foundation and the various stages of pottery making and how it correlates to our journey with Christ as He shapes us into a beautiful and usable vessel.




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