Core Values Connect To Every Stage Of Getting A Ministry Started


Core Values get down to the heart of your ministry. They show who you are and what matters to you above all else. These basic principles reflect what you believe and help define your purpose. You and I do what we do based on our belief system and how we understand our personal and ministry purpose. Identifying and making known your core values is step number six of this procedure.


The past five steps identified in this blog series:

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  4. If You Are Getting Started In Ministry, You Need A Mission Statement
  5. When Beginning Your Ministry, You Need People, Passion, and Passionate People


Because core values are central to getting your ministry started, they act as basic standards that guide you through through the process.  Although we have not spent time identifying core values, these standards impact the process because they cannot be separated from who we are and what we do.


You, your mission, and your ministry link to your core values.


Now it is time to identify your core values and make them known to others. Another step toward clarity and keeping you focused on your true purpose.


On my ministry website you see a tab for “What We Believe” and “Ministry Purpose.” That is where you find my core values. These are the essence of my belief system in every area of my life. Jesus is the center of my personal and ministry’s core values. These beliefs motivate me tick and give life to my ministry.


If you go to my “Ministry Purpose” page, you will see another element of my core values that links directly to my mission statement. At the heart of my ministry purpose is Christian women. Christian women are the heart of our ministry purpose because of God’s calling in my life. My calling is a discipleship calling, which is the reason “Christian women” are my focus. I know God has called me to disciple Christian women in their journey with Jesus.


My ministry purpose connects to my beliefs, because they inspire me to action. What we truly believe motivates us to live life accordingly.

That is why Jesus says,

You will know them by their fruits.

Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles?

Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.

A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.

Matthew 7:16-18


Jesus told us that what we see the evidence of our beliefs on the outside. Our true beliefs will produce something; therefore we can see the heart of a person through the life that they live.


My husband has the same beliefs as I have but not the same purpose. He is a pharmacist, yet what he believes comes out in his work every day of his life. People see what he believes because of how he lives out his life in his pharmacy.


Ministry purpose can be very different even with the same fundamental beliefs. Purpose engages the calling and mission of an individual. What is my point?

A woman's hand writing the word, Core Values, on a clear screen.

Core Values are important factors of identification for you and for others.


We need clearly communicated core values so that others can see and know who we are and what we believe. This is especially true in a ministry when a church or individual is considering using you and your ministry services. They want to know that your core beliefs are similar to theirs because they want to stay true to their own beliefs. If they are in any type of leadership role in ministry, they are also going to feel a sense of responsibility regarding those they are leading.


Specifying our ministry purpose benefits us, our ministry team, and to whom we want to minister. If I can’t identify my ministry purpose, who else can? You know the obvious answer, “No one!” Once you have that specified, it helps guide you and your team to stay true to your purpose, and it helps others to know whether your ministry fits their needs or purpose.


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