Is Being A Diva Godly?


A popular term in our culture today to describe women is diva. Diva can be used to celebrate women. When searching for a definition for diva, I came across a vast array of definitions, from a famous female opera singer to a woman who is considered temperamental and haughty.

For this blog post, we will discuss diva from the temperamental and haughty standpoint.


A diva has the “it’s my way or the highway” mindset.

It is all about them all of the time. So to answer the question, “Is being a diva godly?” No, being a diva isn’t godly. Labeling ourselves and/or our daughters as a diva is not celebrating femininity. It’s putting a label on yourself that says you are difficult to work with, not easy to please, and selfish.

It is evident that being a diva isn’t godly when we look at the life of Jesus Christ. He came to earth not only to serve and love others, but he came to die for the people who were hostile to God. He put others first and himself last.

This is the complete opposite of popular thinking today. Many are focused on instant gratification and what they can get out of things. Christ focused on what he could do for others.

The “Diva” label is more difficult to see in ourself than other labels we have discussed up to this point. All of the other labels have been about a woman feeling “less than” in some way.  This label is about a woman believing she is better than others. This is not an easy pill to swallow.


Scripture states:

“Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited.” Romans 12:16

“But when his heart became arrogant and hardened with pride, he was deposed from his royal throne and stripped of his glory.” Daniel 5:20


Pride comes before the fall and Scripture gives ample examples of this.


So how do you overcome this? How do you remember that it’s not all about you?


     1. Take ownership of your actions. 

  • You have to take ownership for your actions. It is necessary for you to realize that the “diva” mindset is something that you struggle with. You can’t tame it until you name it.

     2.  Serve others. 

  • Serve others. There hasn’t been a time when I served others that I didn’t walked away grateful for everything I have. Gratefulness creates contentment which also leads to a more selfless attitude.

     3.  Ask for forgiveness.

  • Ask for forgiveness from others whom you might have hurt with your “diva” attitude. It is not easy, but it is definitely necessary. It can also test your attitude when someone refuses to accept your forgiveness.


If we were to be honest, we would all say we have had moments we weren’t happy about how we acted. I know I have. The Diva label has a pervasive mindset of self-centeredness. It is dangerous for others and for yourself.

When you live with this “it’s all about me” mindset, there are so many joys you miss out on because you are too focused on yourself. This won’t be an easy or quick mindset change, but it is possible. I know that you will be the better for it.


Extra reading on How Jesus emptied Himself.

Written by:

Taylor Draughn, M.A., LPC, LMFT



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  1. Diana September 20, 2018 at 1:20 am #

    Wow, thank you I appreaciate this post. It was very spiritually healing. For my journey with the Lord.

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