Do We Really Want The Exceeding Greatness Of God’s Power?

God's Power

God's Power

God’s power is something most of us would say that we want in our life. But, do we really?


First, let’s think about what God’s power does for us.


His power breathes fresh life into us each and every day. It sustains us as we go through our day to day life. Therefore, at the very least, we can see that we need His power for the basic element of continued life. However,
when I think about the exceeding greatness of His power, I realize that this goes beyond the basic elements of sustaining life.


We need His exceeding great power when we find ourselves in exceedingly difficult circumstances. These times push us beyond basic life needs where the breath and core strength of our own body, heart, and mind is simply not enough.


Which leads us to the real question.


Do We REALLY Want The Exceeding Greatness Of His Power?


The problem for most of us is we don’t want to be uncomfortable. And we especially don’t want to suffer. I admit, I don’t want to be uncomfortable or suffer. However, I also realize that it is only when big problems arise, problems that make us extremely uncomfortable or cause suffering that we need the exceeding greatness of God’s power.


Most of the time when we find ourselves in the midst of these kind of issues, we ask God to take the problem away or to fix it. Nevertheless, our faith and God’s power are demonstrated in those kinds of situations. It is when we walk through those storms and trials, trusting and relying on God and His strength that we know and experience the exceeding greatness of His power.


The exceeding greatness of God’s power comes from a verse in Ephesians 1.


And what is the exceeding greatness of His power (term #1) toward us who believe,

according to the working of His mighty power (term #2).

Ephesians 1:19


I love to look at the original language of terms used in the Bible and even the English definitions to try and understand their depth of meaning.


Let’s focus on and define the bolded and underlined words in the verse above: exceeding, greatness, power (term #1), and power (term #2).




  • Huperballo is the original Greek language term, and it means to surpass, to throw over or beyond anything.


  • In our English language, exceeding means very great, above or greater in measure than…




  • Megathos is the original Greek language term, and it means greatness.


  • In our English language, it means the quality of being great.


As you have probably already noticed there are two different original Greek terms used for power in Ephesians 1:19. The English language defines power as the capacity or ability to do something, the physical strength or force exerted by something or someone.


Power (term #1):


  • This first term for power is dunamis in the original Greek language. It means power, especially achieving power, being able and capable. In Ephesians 1:19, it speaks of God’s great power meaning His almighty energy.


Power (term #2):


  • Kratos is the original language term meaning strength, might and particularly manifested power or dominion. It denotes the presence and significance of force or strength. 


True Power


In Ephesians 1:19, Paul wrote to believers in Ephesus. The city’s spiritual climate in Paul’s day was littered with cultic worship. The Ephesians commonly sought spiritual power through occult practices of magic or black arts, a power void of true achieving manifested power. Paul wanted them to know the true power that exceeds all other power.


God’s Power Is Exceedingly Great Achieving Manifested Power.


Take a moment to think about the word, achieve.  Achieve speaks of success experienced because a certain desire, goal, or level reached by effort, skill, or courage. It also speaks of accomplishing something that we deem worthy.


Consequently, achievements usually don’t come easy. They require hard work and sacrifice. Often times, we leave a place of ease or comfort to achieve. Ultimately, we achieve when we grow above and beyond our current level and outside our comfort zones.


If achieving has an enemy, its name might be comfort. We have to ask ourselves if comfort is worth the sacrifice. Are we willing to forego experiencing the exceeding greatness of God’s power to cling to our comfort or stay safely seated in our comfort zone?


This is something I have personally been wrestling with over these past few weeks as I realize that God is calling me out into a new place, I have never ventured before.


For eighteen years, I followed God’s call to minister to women through writing and teaching Bible studies. That is my heart and passion, and still, my calling. But with the changes in our world, I realize He wants me to take what He has given me further and broader to reach and lead more women. So I am stepping out of my comfort zone and taking a journey with Jesus into the unknown for me, an online world as a Spiritual Disciplines Coach for women.


What about you?


Why do you need God’s power?


Maybe God is calling you to stretch beyond what you have known. Achieving for you may be seeking God for His vision in your life casting aside any self-imposed limitations fully embracing God’s infinite possibilities.  Maybe you are in the midst of the most difficult circumstance you could have ever imagined. Achieving in your circumstance may be learning to fully trust God and rely on His strength to see you to the other side of your storm. Or it could be that you need to know the power of God as your Provider financially or as the Lord God who heals you.


One last thing I want you to notice in Ephesians 1:19; notice the direction of God’s power – toward us. The exceeding greatness of God’s achieving, manifested power is toward us. I don’t know if that makes you as happy as it does me, but those are celebrating words to me. Especially when He calls me outside of my comfort zone or even allows me to go through a season of suffering.


God’s exceeding great power is available to those willing to embrace the impossible and take hold of His true achieving power that exceeds any and every power that has ever been available to us.


Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us. Ephesians 3:20


Do you want it? Reach out, receive it, and trust fully.




2 Responses to Do We Really Want The Exceeding Greatness Of God’s Power?

  1. Betty Wall June 9, 2020 at 7:49 am #

    Trusting the ]power of God to restore my family mainly with my son my daughter in law and my sisters.They refuse to associate with me call or visit Just speak negatively of me.This is hurting me do bad o have had thoughts of suicide to remove myself but thank God i did not follow throigh.f good happens to me tjey resent it.They always want to see me down and out. Jesus i need the powet of God tô reigm down on us.Why so much hate What have i done?Please some help me God restore us i love my family and i wamt to be loved by my family.

    • Pat June 9, 2020 at 8:00 am #

      Dear Sister,

      I pray that God will manifest Himself and the greatness of His power over your life and family! Keep trusting and relying of Jesus! He has you in the palm of His hand and until you see the fulfillment of your prayers with your family, remember that you are God’s beloved accepted in His family!

      Blessings to you!
      Pat Domangue

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