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Why you should support OnFire Ministries:

OnFire Ministries began in 2005. Throughout the years we have seen God touch and transform women’s lives over and over again. Women have experienced the affect and power of God’s Word in their life and in turn began to share and minister into the lives of others.

OnFire Ministries has been financially sustained through personal time, energy, and finances of myself, team members, and other men and women who have believed in our vision and mission.

We have continually seen God bless the work of our hands and expand our borders. God has recently opened new doors to minister God’s word into women’s lives through radio and online video programming. These recent opportunities have also enlarged our expenses and need for further resources in staff, travel, audio and video recording and editing.

We see this as God’s blessing and believe that you too can share in this blessing. Will you help us by supporting us through


Ways you can support OnFire Ministries:

  1. Prayer is the first and greatest way you can support us.
  2. A One-Time Online Donation -You select the amount
  3. Become a monthly partner through EFT
    • OnFire Ministries can automatically debit your account for your convenience. Simply click the link to download, print, fill out the form and follow the instructions on the form.
      Donate Monthly through EFT
  4. Become a monthly partner through PayPal
    • We can also set up a Recurring donation through Paypal. Just choose the amount through the drop down list then click the link below.

      Ministry: video, radio or any?

      If you are interested in specifying your support to a specific OnFire Ministries Program, select the specific link below and your contribution will be dedicated to the expenses and growth of that area of ministry. If no selection is specified, your donation will automatically go to OnFire Ministries general ministry expenses.
      OnFire Ministries/CounterCulture Women Radio Program
      OnFire Ministries/CounterCulture Women Online Video Program

Thank you so much for your love, prayer, and support. It is because of faithful and dedicated believers like you that we are able to continue in the work of ministering the Word of God to disciple Christian Women to live the abundant life Jesus came for each of us to have.