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favor of God

The favor of God is something we all want in life. The American College Dictionary defined “favor” as “a gracious, friendly, or obliging act that is freely granted.” Sounds good and sounds like God! Do you need the favor of God? Take a moment to gain encouragement from God’s word about how the favor of God works.

The Favor of God and the Righteous

For You, O Lord, will bless the righteous; with favor You will surround him as with a shield.

Psalm 5:12

When the word “favor” is attributed to the favor of God as it is in Psalm 5:12, “the term expresses the divine goodwill which He extends to humanity as He sees fit,” as defined in The Complete Word Study Dictionary.

Who gets the favor of God or this freely granted divine goodwill? The righteous gets the favor of God.

Who is righteous? The one who believes God is righteous. (Romans 4:5-8)


The Surrounding Work of the Favor of God

There is another word in Psalm 5:12 that may give a more clear understanding of the favor of God given to the righteous. The word is surround. Surround is a verb, an action word. The word surround is used only one other time in the Bible in 1 Samuel 23:26. Here it speaks of Saul and his men in pursuit of David. The verse says that they “were surrounding David and his men to seize them. The very next word is, “But.”

But a messenger came to Saul, saying, “Hurry and come, for the Philistines have invaded the land! Therefore Saul returned from pursuing David, and went against the Philistines; so they called that place the Rock of escape. 1 Samuel 23:27-28

At first glance it looks like men surrounded David who were pursuing him to bring him harm. That would be the natural way we would see the situation in the physical. The story’s connectivity of the term surround to the truth David wrote about in Psalm 5:12 points out a supernatural surround.

When God blessed David, a man who believed God, He surrounded David with supernatural favor. The favor of God showed up in the midst of natural circumstances that seemed dismal. One minute David is about to be captured. Then the favor of God engaged and shielded David from his pursuer. God redirected Saul and David was forgotten.


The favor of God doesn’t imply the absence of difficult circumstances.

The favor of God isn’t about walking through life unscathed never facing any difficult circumstances. We will face difficult circumstances, but with the favor of God surrounding us as with a shield.


When you find yourself facing someone who you feel is against you whether it is a co-worker, friend turned foe, spouse, family member, business associate, etc… Remember and believe that you are surrounded with the favor of God. Remember David. If the favor of God engaged at just the right time for David, the favor of God will come through for you.

Yes David was loved by God! But so are you! In Christ, we are positioned in God’s family, accepted in the beloved. (Ephesians 1:3-6) The favor of God is on those who are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. (1 Corinthians 5:21)

What or who are you facing and you know you need the favor of God in the situation? Be encouraged. Pray and seek God. Walk in confidence and assurance of Whom you belong to. Then trust in the favor of God surrounding your life.


Dear Heavenly Daddy,

I thank You that through the blood of Jesus I have been made righteous. I thank You for blessing me based on that righteous standing and surrounding me with a shield of favor. Help me in the difficult situations I face now and will face later to trust in the presence of Your favor at work in my life. I pray this in the blessed, powerful, and holy name of Jesus. Amen!

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