Finding God


for you

Finding God begins with an initial decision to respond to Jesus and trust Him as your personal Savior. Salvation has no magic formula. One simply chooses to turn from a life without Jesus to daily choosing to walk with Jesus, follow His ways, and obey His word.  Our journey is completed when we stand face to face with Jesus on the other side of eternity.

If you have never made that initial decision to trust Jesus as your Savior, now is the best time to do that. Here is a prayer to help you take the first step of trusting and committing your heart and life to Jesus.

Dear Jesus,

I realize I am a sinner and need a Savior.  I need your forgiveness for the sins I have committed against You.  I choose to turn from the sin in my life to You.  Come into my life and be Lord of my life.  I accept and receive the forgiveness of my sins.  From this day forward I will live by faith according to Your will for my life.  Thank you for paying my debt for me.  AMEN.

Here are some basics to continuing on your journey with Jesus.

1. Begin a life of prayer.  Prayer is talking and listening to Jesus.

2. Begin reading the Bible. Start in the New Testament.

3.  Find a Bible based church, and get connected with other believers.