God Wants Our Attention

God Wants Our Attention

God Wants Our AttentionThe true Christmas message is God wants our attention. Fifteen years ago I taught a Sunday School class for teen girls. I loved every minute of those years with those girls. I learned so much preparing for the lessons for them each week. In 2004, I prepared to teach a Christmas message with the key question, “Why did God send salvation in the form of a baby?”


I went into my preparation knowing that Jesus’ birth is the reason for the season. I understood that the fact that He came as Emmanuel, God with us was reason for celebration. But as I thought through the reason behind His decision to do it the way that He did, I realized how much God wants our attention.


He knew babies grab our attention. We love babies. They draw us in and demand our attention. Babies make us smile.


How many times did strangers come up to me in the mall to sneak at peak at my children when they were tiny babies? It does not matter color or race, class or clothes; babies make us stop, turn our heads, and give them our attention.


The answer to the key question, “Why did God send salvation in the form of a baby?” is:


Because God Wanted Our Attention!


After studying and coming to that conclusion, I was in awe of the fact that God, the Creator of us all, the Creator of the Universe, the one true holy God wanted our attention. When I finished my lesson, I wrote a poem, titled Born Slain.


I hope this poem blesses you as you read it. Let the reality of the incredible gift of salvation we have been given be revived in you. I pray Jesus inspires you to delight in the treasure of His gift to you this Christmas.


Born Slain


Newborn babe’s first breath He takes,

A raspy cry from His lips He makes,


All heaven looks on in absolute wonder,

How can this be? His Daddy’s voice is that of thunder,


Rejoice, rejoice all who see,

A Savior has come into the world for you and for me,


Why this way? He seems so small,

He really doesn’t look like a savior at all,


Glory pressed down to dwell as man,

Cared for and nurtured by virgin mother’s hand,


Father on throne laughs and He cries,

As He looks into those precious little eyes,


He whispers from heaven, “Miracle of miracles, I must say,

My Dear Son, I so wish there was another way.”


Invisible lips gently kiss His face,

A complete picture of glory and grace,


Behold, behold, what kind of love is this?

One you and I must surely not miss.


Love so great, He gives His best,

For Jews, Gentiles and all the rest,


Knowing full well, His Son will endure,

For those who come to be made pure,


A most expensive price to pay,

To save the world, even today,


Gift of Righteousness in swaddling clothes,

Wrapped tightly down to His little tiny toes,


Gift of Love we can not explain,

For He truly was the One born slain.


Take the time to read the poem and the Christmas story in Luke 2:1-32 at your Christmas celebrations this year!

Praying God blesses you all with His love and presence!


Merry Christmas!

Pat Domangue

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  1. Donna Hixon December 25, 2019 at 7:43 am #

    Wonderful Christmas poem! It says it all. Merry CHRISTmas!

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