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    What Is The Exceeding Greatness Of God’s Power?


    If asked the question, Do you want the exceeding greatness of God’s power, most of us would say, Absolutely! God’s power breathes fresh life into us each and every day. It sustains us as we go through our day to day life; therefore, we must acknowledge that we need His power for the basic element of continued life. However, when I think about the exceeding greatness of His power, I realize this goes beyond the basic elements of sustaining life.


    Exceedingly great power is needed when we find ourselves in exceedingly difficult circumstances in life where our very breathe and core strength of our own body, heart, and mind is simply not enough. The real question is:


    Do We REALLY Want The Exceeding Greatness Of God’s Power?


    The problem for most of us is we don’t want to be uncomfortable, and we especially don’t want to suffer. However, only when big problems arise, problems that make us extremely uncomfortable or cause suffering that we need God’s exceeding great power. Most of the time when we find ourselves in the midst of these kind of issues, we ask God to take it away or to fix the problem. Nevertheless, our faith and God’s power are demonstrated in those kinds of situations. When we walk through storms and trials trusting and relying on God and His strength, we experience the exceeding greatness of His power.


    Exceeding Greatness And Power



    • In the original Greek language, it means to surpass, to throw over or beyond any thing.
    • In our English language, it means very great, above or greater in measure than…


    • In the original Greek language, it means greatness.
    • In our English language, it is the quality of being great.


    • In the original Greek language, it means power, especially achieving power. In Ephesians 1:19, it speaks of God’s great power meaning His almighty energy.
    • In our English language, it is the capacity or ability to do something, the physical strength or force exerted by something or someone.


    True Power


    True power is realized only in God’s strength and His exertion. Paul prayed for the Ephesian church to know the exceeding greatness of God’s power in Ephesians 1:17-19.


    If you look at the background of Ephesus, you see the city’s spiritual climate in Paul’s day riddled with cultic worship. The Ephesians commonly sought spiritual power through occult practices of magic or black arts, a power void of true achieving power. Paul wanted them to know the true power that exceeds all other power.

    God’s power is the greatness of all achieving power.


    Now take a moment to think about the word, achieve.  Achieve, is a term that speaks of success experienced because of a certain desire, goal, or level reached by effort, skill, or courage. Achieving speaks of accomplishing something we deem worthy. It means growing above and beyond our current level. Achievements usually don’t come easy. Consequently, they require hard work and sacrifice. Often times, we leave a place of ease or comfort to achieve.


    Frequently our world and culture reward us for achievements. In a job, we might receive a bonus or a raise. In a race or competition, we might win a trophy.

    Why do you need God’s power ?


    Maybe God is calling you to stretch beyond what you have known. Achieving for you may be seeking God for His vision in your life, consequently casting aside any self-imposed limitations.  Thus, setting yourself up to fully embrace God’s infinite possibilities.  Maybe you are in the midst of the most difficult circumstance you could have ever imagined. Achieving in your circumstance may be learning to fully trust God, and likewise, rely on His strength to see you to the other side of your storm.

    In my last blog post, Partakers in a Rich Inheritance, I pointed out the fact that we partake in God’s power. Finally, God’s power exceeds any and every power that has ever been available to us. His exceeding great power is available to those willing to embrace the impossible and take hold of His true achieving power. Do you want it? Reach out, receive it, and trust fully.

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