Quest For Wholeness – The Hard Work of Wholeness – Podcast 11

Pat Domangue and Taylor Draughn link arms & expertise to present a blog and podcast series with biblical teaching and professional counseling.

Welcome to Podcast 11 in our Quest For Wholeness series. 

Quest For Wholeness is a blog and podcast series leading Christian women on an adventurous expedition to obtain healing and wholeness. Through the series your faith will be strengthened as you learn what the Bible, God’s word, says about faith, healing and wholeness.

Today’s podcast is titled: The Hard Work of Wholeness.

That may sound like a strange title but the truth is, if we are going to experience wholeness, it will be hard work.

Today our lesson is from John 5:1-8.

Some key lessons you will see in this New Testament story of healing:

  • Jesus came for the sick and broken. (Luke 5:31-32)
  • Jesus came to heal the physically, mentally, and spiritually
  • Your issues are not outside the realm of His abilities or purpose. (Isaiah 61:1-2)
  • Jesus is no respecter of persons. He will heal anyone. (Acts 10:34)
  • Dependence on Man And Miracles disappoints And discourages.
  • Dependence any source other than Jesus is an artificial source, a counterfeit, which holds us down and keeps us waiting.

Download The Hard Work of Wholeness – QFW Podcast 11 Listening Guide

Trust in the Lord God Almighty, who is the Source of all that you need. He is the Healer. He is the one who makes you and I whole. No matter what healing we need, whether we need physical, mental, and/or spiritual healing, Jesus is the only one who truly can be trusted. Jesus will not disappoint you!

So glad you joined us!

I  pray you find strength and encouragement from these free podcasts to seek God for whatever area of healing  you need in your life today.  Please pass it along to other Christian women who you want to encourage! 

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