Husband Appreciation & Loving Our Husbands

Husband Appreciation

Husband appreciation is an important part of loving our husbands. Appreciation is such a vital element of a healthy life. Sometimes our tendency is to focus on the bad rather than the good. But the truth is that we benefit when we have a grateful attitude.

Recently I read an article in Psychology Today that talked about multiple studies done related to gratitude and grateful people.These studies found that gratitude actually improves physical and psychological health. Grateful people reported less aches and pains, increased happiness, and a reduction in depression.


Husband Appreciation


My Experience with Husband Appreciation

3 months ago my mother was in the hospital and I had to spend a few nights with her. It just so happened that this was during an extremely busy season of life. My husband helped me by cleaning the house while I was with my mother. Exhausted from my overnight stay at the hospital, I walked into a sparkling clean house. I was delighted and I told my husband how wonderful he was and how much I appreciated him.

Husband Appreciation


Then he told me he had also done laundry. My husband has never done laundry and I am pretty picky about the laundry. I had a moment of inner panic. I went to the washing machine and looked at a variety of colors and kinds of clothing all washed together. For one crazy moment in time I wanted to be upset about the way he washed the clothes. Then reality hit me. My husband had worked really hard to help me by cleaning the house. I knew I had to make a decision to let that go and be thankful for all the good he had done and not focus on the one thing that wasn’t exactly how I would have done it.


What gets in our way of  husband appreciation?


I think it is what we choose to focus on. It’s that age old trick of the devil that we read about in Genesis 3. The serpent who was the most cunning beast of the field, takes us to the one thing that is not the way we want it and gets us to focus on that rather than all the good that we have in our life. If we take the bait, he steals from us. But when we stay determined to keep our eyes focused on the good things, we will find that our life, our marriage, our husbands, and we, ourselves, will be much better because of it.


Here is a Bible verse that should motivate thankfulness in our hearts and lives as believers.


But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory

through our Lord Jesus Christ.

1 Corinthians 15:57


Whatever situation we find ourselves in, through Jesus, we are given the victory. That’s pretty amazing. And definitely cause for us to be thankful people.


A Gratitude Journal prioritizes a heart of thankfulness.

A friend of mine once told me how she strove to live her life with an attitude of gratitude as one of her top priorities. I loved how she did this. She kept a gratitude journal and at the end of every day she wrote in her journal all the things that she had to be thankful for. She said she didn’t journal any other thoughts, but she just listed things she was grateful for that day.


Emphasize your husband’s good traits every day.

Another friend shared how she wanted to learn to be a grateful wife. She knew husband appreciation was very important for the health of her marriage so she made a long list of her husband’s good traits. And each day, she would take something off that list and make sure that she really emphasized her thankfulness to her husband regarding that special quality in him. It did not take her husband long to respond in ways that she was thankful for. Her efforts and her thankfulness motivated him to love her more and show her more.


Being thankful is an important part of a true and healthy relationship, whether with our God or our spouse. Today we talked about a couple of ways that we can intentionally practice gratitude in our life towards God and toward our spouse. Being thankful and living with an attitude of gratitude is definitely counterculture. Appreciating our husbands is also counter culture, but all of this is beneficial.


So dear sister in Christ, let’s change the culture. Let’s strive to be and learn to be thankful women who express our gratitude.


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