Marriage, Money, and Teamwork

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Today’s blog is from my dear sister in Christ, Debbie Takewell. Debbie is a CPA with a heart for God. I hope you will be blessed by her wisdom, insight, and practical help about marriage, money, and teamwork.


In almost every aspect of marriage, it takes both spouses to get things accomplished, especially if you have children. Most husbands and wives divide and conquer all aspects of running their households to ensure it runs smoothly. This can only be accomplished by communicating with each other. The truth is managing marriage and money takes teamwork.

Let’s take a look at some of the key players.

Husband and Wife:

Can you imagine the chaos if spouses did not communicate even the simple things? Picture a married couple with three children ranging in age from 4 – 16 and both parents work outside the home. Getting the children to their schools and extra-curricular activities requires strategic planning. This planning can only be effective when accomplished by talking to one another, setting priorities and delegating duties.

Communication in a marriage is critical to managing money, to setting clear goals and to meeting them. Not communicating and agreeing on an attainable money management plan in your marriage is like a football team playing in the playoffs with no practice. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Just like every successful football play, managing money requires the input and cooperation from all the players.


Speaking of players, what about the children? Engaging your children in conversation about money should begin at an early age. Remember, through your actions as a parent, you set the example for your children about how to value money. If you and your spouse never communicate about how to spend your money, it is very likely that same scenario will play out in your child’s marriage as well.

There are many great Christian resources available to help with managing money. Dave Ramsey, a well-known Christian Financial Advisor, is one of many authors who has written material suitable for children.

Check out your local Christian bookstore for other books with fun activities you can do with your family as you all learn about money.


I believe this is the most critical team member of all. After all, God is the provider of every good thing we have including our jobs that provide the financial means by which we live. Every winning team has a “hands on” coach. God is our coach and HIS word, the bible, is full of wisdom concerning money and how we are to view money.

Food for thought:

God gives us all that we have. Our job is to be good stewards of what HE has given us. So gather your team and go for the win!



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