If You Are Getting Started In Ministry, You Need A Mission Statement

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Mission statements have been a part of my life since God called me and commissioned me. I discovered the need for a mission statement when I led the women’s ministry in my home church fourteen years ago. Eleven years ago I was in the beginning stages of developing OnFire Ministries. Once again I recognized the need for a mission statement because I saw the usefulness, guidance, and focus I found in taking this important step.


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Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” Obviously vision is important. My current blog series is about getting your ministry started.

Here are my last three blog posts:


Step four of getting your ministry started is establishing your ministry’s mission statement.


A ministry mission statement is a filter that keeps you focused and on purpose.


Your mission statement is a plumb line. It connects to God’s calling and purpose in your life and to those you are called to minister to, as well as, your key role is in ministering to them. Determining your mission statement is not something to consider lightly. It carries weight in guiding as you plan and serve the Lord and others in ministry. It acts as a filter and helps you stay focused on your best area and actions in ministry.


Without a strategic mission statement, you may feel drawn to many different ways to serve in ministry. Sometimes a good thing can draw you away from fulfilling your God-ordained purpose. Believe me when I say, this will be a struggle in ministry. However, with a clear mission statement, you have set a standard that helps you answer the question, “Is this my best direction for ministry?”


Numbers 13 is the Scripture passage that God gave me as I worked through the various stages of getting my ministry started. It became a place I went to for help and guidance. God called and commissioned twelve men through Moses. Moses sent these twelve men to spy out the Promised Land and bring back a report. He gave them specific and strategic instructions that connected with their calling and God’s purpose.



Here are several steps to consider when developing your ministry’s mission statement:


  1. Pray and ask God to lead you in developing a clear and concise mission statement.


  1. Write down your clearest understanding of your personal calling and commission. (See details in God’s Calling, God’s Commission, and Getting Your Ministry Started)


  1. Remember and record your target audience. (See details for this in my previous blog post, You Need A Vision to Move Forward in Ministry)


  1. Determine the ministry’s purpose which relates to your calling.
    1. Ask yourself what result or outcome and I hoping for and write down your answers.
    2. Ask God what result or outcome are You hoping for and write down your answers.


Understanding the ministry’s purpose:

Here’s my ministry mission statement:

OnFire Ministries mission is to ignite a passion for Christ in the heart of women and inspire them to apply God’s word to their everyday life.


I wanted women to gain a passion for Christ. Women knowing God’s word and applying it to their everyday life compelled me. Why? Because I believe that a relationship with Jesus and love of His word are key to living a healthy, productive, fulfilling, and blessed life.

  1. Using all the above steps and your notes, begin shaping your mission statement.


Three external considerations when developing your mission statement:


  1. If you are beginning a new ministry or revamping an existing ministry in your church or another organization, make sure your mission statement supports their mission. Your mission statement should partner with and complement your church or organization’s purpose. It also frames the scope of your ministry.


  1. Your mission statement should be clear, concise, and easy for your team to remember. Less is more.  Trim it down to the fewest words necessary to communicate you message.  You serve your team and ministry better, when you strive for a clear and memorable message.


  1. Create a memorable logo that reflects your heart and purpose in ministry. If you are creative, you can do it yourself or you may know people able to design your logo. I’m giving you a link for a Google search that lists multitudes of possibilities.


If you have a question or idea to share about developing a mission statement, please leave us a comment.

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