A Mother’s Heart and Jesus’ Heart Toward Children

Mother's Heart

Nothing has caused this mother’s heart to fear more than fear for my children. When my daughters were young and growing up I constantly battled fear. Every bad story I heard caused me to fear for my children.  I feared that I would lose them to a house fire, that disease would strike them, that they would fall prey to evil men, that they would be kidnapped… You name it when it came to my three daughters, I feared.


The reality of our world it is not easy on children. As parents and grandparents, it is easy to get focused on bad things that happen and find ourselves entrapped in fear.


Has Your Mother’s Heart Ever Said, I Fear For My Children?


Jesus’ words in Mark 9:33-47 give us peace of mind. This passage tells us how God esteems and treasures children: my children, your children, children forced into evil situations, children abused and misused, children stricken with deadly diseases, babies who never made it out of the womb…


In Mark 9:36-37, Jesus held a little child in His arms. Take a moment to visualize this tender scene. A loving Jesus, cradling, carrying, and caring for a little child. He then spoke to His disciples to teach them a divine lesson. His divine lesson – Esteem And Treasure The Little Children.


“Whoever welcomes one of these little ones in My name welcomes Me…”

Mark 9:37


The English word, welcome used in Mark 9:37 in the original Greek language means to receive kindly. Jesus expected us to receive children with kindness.


When I think back across my life as a parent, I think about how protective parenting made me think and feel. I can’t tell you how many times I said, “You can mess with me, but you better not mess with my children.” Mess with my children and out of my mother’s heart came Mama Bear! I’m sure you know what I mean…


Jesus Has A Mother’s Heart


I see that in Jesus. He was kind and caring with the little child. BUT, when He spoke about anyone bringing harm to the children, His Mother’s Heart, i.e. Mama Bear, and Vindicator of the weak came out.


And if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin,

it would have been better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck.”

Mark 9:42


Notice the first three words in Mark 9:42, And if anyone. Jesus shifted His teaching to deal with the opposite of receiving the children kindly to causing them to sin. Jesus warned how He would deal with children being harmed and not treasured.


In Mark 9:43-47 Jesus’ attitude and demeanor shifted. He used the phrase, “thrown into hell” three times.  You and I don’t have to live in fear for our children because Jesus promised to vindicate their hurts and the wrongs against all children.  His justice for every perpetrator of evil against children will be realized.


Understanding how Jesus esteems and treasures children makes it so much easier for our mother’s heart to give our children over to His protection and guidance. Understanding that the evils of this world inflicted on the most vulnerable are seen by Him and dealt with by Him helps us to trust in His trustworthiness to protect and avenge the children. Knowing that Jesus redeems their hurts and heals their brokenness helps our mother’s heart live in peace.


Remember: Jesus esteems and treasures children.

We are His hands and feet. We are His arms to hug and His mouth to speak hope and teach in love.  Dear mother and grandmother remember today to tell the children in your life how valuable and treasured they are. Tell them you love them and that Jesus loves them. Receive them with kindness and embrace them with love because that is the true Mother’s heart.



Dear Heavenly Daddy,

Thank You for esteeming and treasuring children. Thank you for seeing, avenging, and redeeming the hurts of the helpless. You are an amazing God and this reminds me of Your goodness and grace that I receive everyday as Your child. Help me to be willing to be the very last and the servant of all.


Here is a past blog post from a dear Sister in Christ with Scripture prayers for your children. 



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