When Beginning Your Ministry, You Need People, Passion, and Passionate People

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In this blog series, our focus is about getting started in ministry; today, I want to talk about passionate people. I love Jesus and I love being in ministry. Jesus and ministry are both about people. Jesus loves people; therefore, He calls us to ministry to be a reflection of His love.


People are important to us when we are getting started in ministry because people are important to Jesus. He calls people, loves people, and ministers to people through people. Therefore, people must be a key part of our ministry. We can’t and shouldn’t do ministry alone. It is simply not how Christ intended.


Ministry happens when people come together.


First we must acknowledge that Jesus is joining us together in the body of Christ, growing us into a spiritual temple, the dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. (See Ephesians 2:18-22) Paul used terminology that meant to be joined closely together of to frame together as parts of a building. Each of us make up a part of that building, or as Paul also puts it, the body of Christ. (See Ephesians 4:11-16)


We are each unique yet called. We are each called yet unique. We are each unique yet called to a common purpose.


There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called in one hope of your calling;

one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all,

who is above all, and through all, and in you all.

Ephesians 4:4-6


Hopefully you see my point! We need people, and we, the people of God called to ministry need to be together, grow together, and go together.


Effective Ministry Happens Where There is Passion


Passion can be described as a strong feeling or emotion of enthusiasm or excitement. Passion can be so strong that a person may feel it is almost not containable or controllable. This person may look as if they are about to burst at the seams with what is bubbling just beneath the surface.

Passionate People

People are drawn to passion. Everyone wants a dose of someone else’s passion to rub off on them.


I remember the first time I sat in a women’s Bible study fifteen years ago, Beth Moore’s, A Heart Like His video-based Bible study. Beth Moore’s passion came through the screen and ignited a desire in my heart. When Bible study class ended that first day, I went home and got on my knees. I prayed.  My prayer: “Lord, I don’t know what that woman has, but I want it.” I wanted to experience the passion she exuded.


Passion is not only desirable; passion is drivable. It can move us further and faster to God’s heart and fulfill all that He has for us.


Passion + People = Passionate People


Yes, we need people to join us in ministry. Not any people, but passionate people. Personally, I would rather have two passionate people on my ministry team than ten people without passion. Passionate people are the movers and shakers. They walk into a room, and cause others to see something that is deep in their soul drawing them to long for more.


A side note to passionate people:

You can be sure there are some who will find another person’s passion offensive. Maybe offensive isn’t a good word. Maybe it is that another person’s passion feels invasive to a complacent person because passion reaches into the depths of their soul reminding them that there is something desirable missing.


I only insert this to say, “Stay passionate! Don’t let anyone take your passion!”


Passionate people live life with a cause, a purpose, a message driving their every move. Passionate people want more than they have experienced. They are the ones who step out of the boat and walk on water. Passionate people pour out expensive oil on the feet of their savior and wipe His feet with their hair. Passionate people, like Paul endured repeated beatings.


And then we have the passion of Christ: Arrested without a cause. Rejected by his friends. Beaten. A crown of thorns. A Cross. Suffering. Death. A borrowed tomb. You know the story, but deep within was a purpose and a love for people that drove Him to endure to the end. You and I are those people. So shouldn’t we be passionate people in ministry in light of this great gift of salvation and calling?


Here are some practical steps as you seek out passionate people to come together with you in ministry:

  1. Pray for and look for people with passion.
  2. Ask them to describe their passion.
  3. Use personality profiles.
    1. Have a personality profile meeting where each member of your team takes a personality test.
    2. Understanding the God-given differences motivates an extra measure of grace when needed.
  4. Use spiritual gifts inventories.
    1. Ask your team members to take a spiritual gifts inventory.
    2. Link team members with their appropriate area of giftedness. Don’t ask a foot to wear a hat.


May God bless your ministry and the people He places in your life with His beauty and passion, and may He establish the work of your hands as you follow His call.

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