Pat’s Testimony Drama Transcript

At this point it is dark and Pat and demon are entering.

Narrator: This story is about a girl, her father and mother only she knows, maybe they were loving parents; maybe they were not. She could have never known her daddy or wished she had not. Whatever the case may be, let us look into her life. What do you see?

The chains and demon become clearly visible. Demon moves about slowly adding to the chains.

Narrator: Chains, where did those chains come from? How can this be?

There was the time she spilled the red Kool-aid on mother’s brand new carpet and mother said, “Why can’t you pay attention – can’t you do anything right?” Or the time she couldn’t get her math right and the teacher told her in front of the whole class that she must be dumb. Now she thinks, “Maybe I am dumb.”

Jesus is standing afar, but is watching. His image is dim at this point.

Narrator: Now a teenager – she sees that boy, you know, the cool guy on the football team. He’s not interested, “He must think I’m ugly or at least not good enough.”

Demon adds chains.

Narrator: As she looks in the mirror, she notices her nose is too big, her teeth are not perfect, and if her brown hair was blond, maybe then he might like her. “Nah, he’s right, I am ugly.”

Jesus is seen knocking.

Narrator: There was the night she rode in the car with the new guy she liked to meet her friends, thirteen years old and having no clue what the night would hold. “Wait!  – That’s where we are supposed to be going.” But he drives on to a deserted area. She is confused and does not understand. He forces himself on her. She cries – because she knows it was her fault, and she must be a very bad person.

Demon adds chains. Chains are getting bigger.

Narrator: Her reputation is ruined because he told everyone. This must be a nightmare.[music changes] She has to shake herself off and go on because there is no one there to help her.

Jesus is more vividly seen knocking. Demon slightly cowers back at the sound of Jesus knocking.

Narrator: “What is that?” She can’t go back in time so instead she learns to put on a hard outer shell – that way she can not be hurt so bad. Now at 16, she meets Mr. Right, gets pregnant, gets married, has a miscarriage and gets a divorce, all in less than one year. Demon adds chains during monologue. Jesus is seen knocking.

Narrator: She never thought her life could be so messed up. It was not supposed to be this way. She was supposed to have it all together, popular, dance team, and at church every week. But there was no way out.

Jesus is seen knocking.

Narrator: She is of age now, has a job, new car, and looks good. Look out world here she comes. Night clubs, drinking, smoking, she’s really livin’ now, (Demon adds chains.) but underneath it all is an empty, broken heart. But how can it be fixed?

Jesus is seen knocking.

This next scene is intense and the demon is covering her in chains and are weighing her down.

Narrator: No, she can’t go that way – she is too messed up.

Finally, she meets the man of her dreams in a bar. Surely, he will fill that void in her heart. He’s great, got a great job, and spends all his money on taking her out and partying. One year and two months later she marries him. Three weeks later she realizes her mistake. Then introduced to New Age, reincarnation, and some pretty interesting things, she begins to read one occult book after another.

(Jesus is heard knocking, but emphasis is on the weight and bondage of the chains.)

Narrator: Something seems to trigger her thoughts back to all those years growing up in church. “’Occult?’ wasn’t that something bad?”

(Demon adds a very large heavy chain.)

Narrator: Nah, besides the people she had seen in church had not seemed very Christian-like when the church split. There was all that arguing and gossip. No, this way seems better. You can do what you want as long as you don’t hurt anyone. And what is true for one may not necessarily be true for another. The person she holds most dear dies from a sudden heart attack.

(Pat collapses to her knees from devastation and the weight of the chains.)

Narrator: Why would God take the one person on earth that truly loves her? What will she do?

Jesus is heard and seen knocking.

Demon is looming over her making sure the chains are staying on her.

Narrator: She must go on because she has that precious little two-year old girl. Two years later the second little girl is born into this very dysfunctional life.

Jesus is heard and seen knocking.

Pat makes some attempt to straighten herself up and bear the weight of the chains once again.

Narrator: She tries church again, but the man of her dreams, made fun of her so she gave up that idea and went back to the occult books, each book a little deeper and darker than the one before.

Jesus is heard and seen knocking.

Narrator: Then divorce number two and man number three. He must be the one who will change it all.

Jesus is heard and seen knocking.

Narrator: “What is that knocking”? She and man number three decide to get married. She thinks they should go to church because her children need to be raised in church.

Jesus is heard and seen knocking.

Narrator: “There it goes again!” She is so tired and weighted down, but why? Why can’t she find peace and fulfillment? This new man is really great, but deep down inside she is hurting.

Jesus is heard and seen knocking.

Demon is backing off.

Pat:   “Who is it?”

Jesus:  “It’s Jesus!”

Pat:   “What do you want?”

Jesus:  “I want you to let Me in, for I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life!”

Pat:   “But I can’t Jesus, because the wages of sin is death and I am full of sin.” Pat shows Him her chains as she speaks.

Jesus:  “But I died and rose again that you may have everlasting life and life more abundantly.”

Pat:    “But I can’t – I don’t deserve it.” “I know that, child. No one deserves it, for it is by grace, it is my love gift to you.”

Pat:   “No’ I can’t Jesus. Look at all my sin, I have been too bad and heaven has no place for me, but I want to. I need you Jesus!

Demon runs away as Jesus enters the scene.

Jesus comes in, removes the chains, and helps her to her feet. She bows in worship and He places the Robe on her.

Jesus:  “I will remember your sin no more. You are free. For whom the Son sets free is free indeed.”

Pat:   I am free! I am free! Thank you Jesus! I love you Jesus! I am free.

Pat slowly stands. Looking down at her arms and body amazed there are no more chains. She gets up thanking Him and rejoicing over her new found freedom. Dancing and shouting “I am free, I am free,” and professing her love for Jesus!