Do You Want To Be A Wife Who Prays For Your Husband?

Pray for your husband

I know the answer to my question, “Do you want to be a wife who prays for your husband?” The answer is “Yes, I want to pray for my husband” or you would have never read this far. I am like you, I want to be a wife who prays for my husband. We should be the one person our husband can count on to pray for him. So dear sister, I want to encourage you to pray for your husband, because he needs it.


He has so many things to face in this world, why would we not pray for him? As a wife who wants to see my husband grow in his relationship with Jesus, with me, and my children, prayer makes the most sense. Since I know that there is a spiritual enemy who seeks to devour and destroy those I love, marriages, and families, prayer is the only thing that makes sense.


Pray for your husband

Pray for your husband!


If we don’t pray for our husband, who will? What does a day of prayers for my husband look like?


First, I thank God for my husband.


If your marriage is in a rough place, you can always find something good in your husband no matter the condition of your marriage. You never would have married him, if there were nothing good to be thankful for.


Second, I pray for his spiritual well being.


If my husband has a good relationship with Jesus, I am going to reap the benefits of that. Our marriage will be stronger and on a good path toward growth when our husbands are focused on growing their relationship with Jesus.


Third, I pray for his work and his job.


Men have a strong built in need to be the provider and to be the one who takes care of their family. Praying for God to establish and bless his work benefits him and the whole family.


Fourth, I pray for my husband and our relationship.


Proverbs 14:1 says, The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish pulls it down with her hands. One of the ways that I choose to build my house is to pray for my husband and our relationship. If there is a specific issue that needs work on in our marriage, I pray about that.


Here is a prayer from my prayer journal that I pray for my husband. I am sharing it with you by setting it up where you can download and print out the prayer to put in your prayer journal or Bible to use when you pray for your husband. (Printable version is below.) Write in your husband’s name in the blanks except the second blank. In that blank, I have given you space to fill in what you are thankful for about your husband. Then use the prayer to pray for your husband.


Pray for Your Husband

Dear Heavenly Daddy,

I thank You for my husband _________________. I thank You that he _______________________

________________________________________________________________________________________________. Lord, thank You for the work that You are doing in His life, that You are drawing him and growing him in his relationship with You.


I pray that You will give him wisdom and discernment. Keep him pure and help him keep himself pure. Continually draw him to You and Your word. Deeply root Your word in his heart that it will be the ruling factor throughout his life. Help, ______________ be sensitive to Your Holy Spirit and help him respond quickly when You speak to him.


Raise my husband ________________ up to be the godly leader that You called and intended him to be. Let Your grace and beauty be upon him and establish the work of his hands for him. Surround Him with favor wherever he goes.


Lord, I pray that ______________ will prosper and be in good health as his soul prospers. Continually bless and grow our relationship with one another as husband and wife. Help us be submitted to You and to one another, putting each other before ourselves. Help him be the godly husband You want him to be and help me be the godly wife You want me to be. I pray all this in Jesus name, knowing that You hear and act on my prayers and that I will see the evidence of that in my husband. AMEN!

Printable prayer to use when you pray for your husband. 



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  1. AOGladchenko April 23, 2017 at 4:01 am #

    I took my new goal and formed it into a marriage purpose statement , a written objective reflecting who I wanted to become. Like a rudder on a ship, it has for years been steering my marriage boat. as an acrostic to construct my purpose statement. I know other wives who have taken a passage of Scripture such as

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