Quest For Wholeness – Small Concessions Podcast 6

Welcome to Podcast 6 in our QFW series. I hope you are learning what it will take to enter your promised land of wholeness. My daughter and Counselor, Taylor Draughn is with me again today as we continue to identify important elements of our quest for wholeness.

Throughout our  podcasts we identified the need to disconnect from our link to the past whether good or bad. In our last podcast, we specifically looked at Northern Israel’s need to disconnect from their link to the evil leadership of the first king of the divided kingdom. We saw how the sin of that one king, Jeroboam, poisoned all the kings and the people of the Northern kingdom of Israel which ultimately led them in a cycle of sin that continually increased.

Today our podcast will focus on this statement:

  • Small concessions have deadly direction and reflect a divided heart.

Podcast 6 Listening Guide

Click here to see the transcript of this podcast.

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