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Team building is an important aspect of getting started in ministry. The past 10 blogs focused on getting a ministry started whether, a church based ministry or a ministry outside the walls of the church building. My personal experience comes from both dynamics. I served as a volunteer women’s ministry director and as a church staff women’s minister. I also developed a women’s ministry outside the traditional church organization, OnFire Ministries. Either way, I serve churches and women in churches, and I love it!


One common link between a church ministry and a non-church ministry is the need for a team or teams. As stated in a previous blog post, When Beginning Your Ministry, You Need People, Passion, and Passionate People, we can’t do ministry alone. When I served as a women’s minister for a church, I needed several teams because of the size of my church.


Let’s talk about teams and team building.


Even if your ministry is just getting started, you will need to think through what teams you will need. What suits your ministry? Are there needs specific to your church that should be considered in team building? Whatever specific needs your ministry has, structure helps it flourish.


Possible teams when team building for a women’s ministry in a church:

Prayer Team

  • Your prayer team will be invaluable to you and your ministry. We don’t want to do ministry apart from the work and the power of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, prayer and others partnering with you in prayer is essential.

New Member Shepherding Team

  • Getting started in a new church can be difficult and connecting with people at a new church, even harder. This team designs connecting points that help transition a new member to a sense of belonging to their new church family.

Bible Study Team

  • Because Bible study is so important to me, I want women in Bible study no matter what. This team may vary in how many studies are needed based on the number of women in your church and how often you have Bible studies.

Accountability Groups Team

  • Sometimes called small groups, core groups, cell groups… these groups can be structured many different ways, but normally there is a good deal of flexibility. Their purpose is fellowship, worship, encouragement, and spiritual growth with other believers. You may have women’s prayer groups, Book study groups, moms’ groups, wives’ groups, single women groups, and the list can go on.

Special Events Team

  • Special events take a tremendous amount of work and if that work falls on a few people, they may not be involved for long. It doesn’t take long to overwork and burnout a wonderful servant of God, if we don’t make sure there are enough people to help with the special events team.

Hospitality and Decorations Team

  • This team can be a part of the special events team, but it doesn’t have to be. Women’s ministries love their hospitality and decorations team. They deal with food and décor, and we women, want to eat good and have everything look fabulous for our events and meetings.

Communications Team

  • A communications team devises ways of promoting events and ministries. You need at least one tech savvy servant, maybe a gifted writer to help with informative emails. This group organizes promotion plan for your events and ministries.

Missions and Outreach Team

  • In ministry, we are always thinking about missions and outreach. We are called to share the Good News of Jesus and God compels us to reach beyond our circles and ourselves. This team organizes mission work and trips, local and beyond. They create ways to get outside of our ministry boxes and reach and minister to other people.


These are team possibilities. Tailor your ministry teams to God’s calling and your church or organizational needs. Pray and let God guide your team building process.


On the heels of our team building discussion, I want to discuss meetings.


Teams meet. And sometimes, they meet, and meet, and meet, and meet… Meetings are necessary for ministry teams, but we want to honor our team members’ time. Time is the most valuable commodity of our day. Many people would rather you ask for money than time, because we feel like we have so little of it.


Here are some meeting tips for your team meetings:

  • Schedule meetings considering your team members time restraints, concerns, and lifestyle.
  • Know your purpose when scheduling the meeting. You should have a predetermined purpose for your meeting. In other words, know what you need to accomplish.
  • Have a printed out agenda for each team member. If everyone is on the same page, you are much more likely to stay on task and fulfill your purpose for your meeting.
  • Have someone take notes and send the notes to each team member. You may think you won’t forget, but you will.
  • Start and end your meetings on the scheduled time!


Following these guidelines affects team building positively because your team members will see how you strive to respect and honor their time. They will, in turn, respect and honor you with their time because of it.

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