The Value Question: Do I Really Matter?

Value Question

Have you ever asked the value question, wondering if you really matter or if what you are doing really matters? I have asked these questions many times in my life. Most of us have at some point in life.  I hear from too many women struggling to answer this question affirmatively. It makes me so aware of the spiritual attack on God’s women.



If Your Value Question is: Do I Really Matter?

God says “Yes!”


Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap,

which have neither storehouse nor barn; and God feeds them.

Of how much more value are you than the birds?

Luke 12:24


Maybe Your Value Question Isn’t Do I Really Matter…


But you wonder if your work really matters. Maybe your question sounds more like, Does anyone care or even notice that I am working my rear end off?

Are you working, hoping, and expecting a reward for your work someday? Personally, I have searched for significance through work, ministry, relationships, possessions… You name it, if I thought something had potential for value and significance, I tried it. God instilled in us that longing to matter and to make a difference in this life.


We all want to know at the end of it all that our life counted for something.  


In our relentless pursuit to answer the value question Do I really matter, we often find we feel like a hamster on a wheel running, running, and running only to end up in the exact same place when we got on the wheel.

Many times we get off the wheel and sink into the depths of discouragement because we can’t see a result. And for some of us the result or lack of is attached to our value and worth. The lack of a physical result assures us that all was for nothing. Therefore, we or our work must not be valuable.

At the end of a week filled with good works, hard work, and late night and early morning hours, I asked the value question,” Does it really matter?” However, deep down I know my true question is:


“Do I really matter?”


I opened my first published Bible study, Quest For Wholeness and read my instructions written over a decade ago, Read Luke 12:22-31.” So I read Luke 12:22-31.

Verse 24 leapt off the page and into my heart. I realized God’s encouragement, that my work mattered because if God took care of the ravens who neither sowed nor reaped how much more would He take care of me.

That answered the  value question “Does it really matter” But, what about my true value question, “Do I really matter?Of how much more value are you than the birds! Yes! Yes! I do! I matter to God! He values me! You see, learning what the Bible says about me and my value taught me how to answer my value question.

Check out my past blog to learn more about a Journey With Jesus: Walking Through His Word.

Dear Sister, be encouraged! Jesus sees your work and values your work. However, the best news of all: He sees you and He values you!


Here is a prayer for you today. 

Dear Heavenly Daddy,

You know I live in a noisy, cluttered, busy world and I sometimes feel like my work gets lost in the clutter. You know my greatest fear is that I do not matter. Thank you for hearing my prayers, knowing my heart, and sending Your word to transform and strengthen my deceived and tender heart! You are amazing! I love that I matter to You! Help me to see myself through Your eyes in all that I do. In Jesus name. Amen!

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