Quest For Wholeness – Perfect Worship Cont. – Podcast 10

Pat Domangue and Taylor Draughn link arms & expertise to present a blog and podcast series with biblical teaching and professional counseling.

Welcome to Podcast 10 in our Quest For Wholeness series. Today we will continue to focus on the perfect worship of Jehoshaphat.

In Podcast 9 we studied 2 Chronicles 20:12 and learned that Jehoshaphat:

  • was one of the kings of Judah
  • was wholeheartedly following God
  • removed the high places or the places of worship that were where God’s people would worship idols.
  • Was facing a battle – a great multitude had come against him and he set himself to fast and pray to God.

We also identified that an idol is anything that we allow to have a part of our heart or trust in rather than God.

Today’s Scripture Focus: 2 Chronicles 20:15-18

 Today’s Podcast message will be on the power of our praise and the power of maintaining a posture of perfect worship when facing a battle.

QFW Podcast 10 Listening Guide – “Worship” 

The podcast listening guide is set in study guide format with fill in the blanks to help you focus on and learn the key points of the message. The fill in the blank answers are at the end of the listening guide.


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