What Are You Doing With Your Influence?


Influence is power and the person who has it has power.


When writing and studying for my bible study Equipped and Empowered: Preparing Women For Spiritual Battle several years ago, I discovered that the first person to have the power of influence was a woman whose name was Eve.

I find myself studying in Genesis with the purpose of discovering who God created us to be as women. The influence we have as women has come up in my study once again.


Think through Eve’s story with me for a moment:


First God created her in His image and from the rib of a man. You can read how God Created Woman To Be A Life Giver in my last post. Once the man and woman’s creation was complete and all was well and good, the next scene in Scripture is about a conversation between the woman and the serpent who is the Devil and Satan (see Revelation 12:9 and 20:2). He also happens to be the most crafty beast of the field.


I am convinced that the cunning serpent knew exactly what he was doing when he approached and interacted with the woman. He knew to get to the man and the rest of humanity, he needed to go through the woman because God created her to be a powerful influencer. Using his deceptive and evil tactics, he zeroed his attention on the woman because he knew that Eve was highly influential with Adam. You can read about this in Genesis 3.


The Woman Had The Power Of Influence


Eve influenced Adam in a way that didn’t work out so good for anyone. Let’s look at the outcome of her influence as a reminder that we have a God-ordained power within us. But let us also remember that our power of influence was intended by God to be used for good, but that same positive trait can be tainted and used destructively.


One of my favorite verses regarding our influence as women is Proverbs 14:1.


The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish pulls it down with her hands.

Proverbs 14:1


Think about that:

  • A woman who uses her influence wisely builds up her own home.
  • A woman who uses her influence foolishly tears down her own home with her own hands.


That is a pretty powerful contrasting image of a woman’s influence used in a good way and in a bad way.


Another Bible passage that speaks to our influence as women and wives is 1 Peter 3:1.


Wives, likewise, be submissive to your own husbands, that even if some do not obey the word,

they, without a word, may be won by the conduct of their wives.

1 Peter 3:1

The way a Christian wife lives with her husband is very influential. So influential is the Christian wife that she can win her unbelieving husband over by how she lives her life. That is pretty powerful!


The Bible isn’t the only place we see how influential women are.


Several years ago, I read a secular article about the power and influence a woman can have when relating to her husband. The Article was titled, “Why A Great Woman Is Behind Every Great Man.” The article highlighted several powerful men in the world, even presidents who attributed their success to the support of their wives. They fully recognized their wives as the pillar that held them up and helped them to be all that they had become in this life.


Dear Sister in Christ, we have been given a great gift that we should handle with care. There are so many times I hear women abusing their gift of influence with their husbands. We belong to Christ and how we influence our husbands should also reflect our relationship with Jesus.


My emphasis in writing this has focused on our influence in our nearest and dearest relationships within our home. But, our influence reaches beyond that into our extended family, our work and businesses, our communities and churches, in our travel and even vacations.


So here is a question for you to contemplate this week:

  • What are you doing with your influence?


I also want to give you a practical exercise that will help you think this through and come to a right assessment in the different arenas of your life.


Answer the following questions:

  • Who lives in your house?
  • Who do you work with?
  • Who do you see on a daily or weekly basis?
  • Where do you shop? What stores do you frequent?


Now take your answers to each of the above questions and ask yourself,

  • What am I doing to use my influence with them or in that place?
  • Am I wise with my influence?
  • When do I use my influence foolishly and what do I need to do to change that?


Now take those answers to the Lord and ask Him to help you by anointing you with His presence, power, and influence. And ask Him to transform the areas that need transforming to represent and reflect Him.


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