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On Fire Ministries' mission is to ignite a passion for Christ in women and to inspire them to apply God's word to their everyday life.
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Pat's study taught me to view myself... [through] God's view... that I am worth so much more!

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Time for Healthy Marital Intimacy

Thank you Taylor Draughn for sharing your professional counseling advice and tips for healthy marital intimacy with us! Any relationship is only as good as the time you invest in it, especially your marriage. When life gets crazy busy, one of the first things that falls off is intimate time with your spouse. Intimacy is not time spent sitting in the same room with one another. Healthy marital intimacy requires genuine communication, not just about the kids, but your own hopes, dreams, and fears. Communication is not just talking, it …

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Healthy Marital Intimacy

Hey Ladies, So excited to address this the topic of healthy marital intimacy! My husband and I both desire healthy marital intimacy and I bet you do too. Why would we ever even get married if we didn’t have a desire for intimacy with our spouse? However, that intimacy we long for can be hindered, damaged, and even destroyed, if we do not guard ourselves against that happening. Marital intimacy is an area the enemy of our soul seeks to harm because destruction of marriage is his way and healthy …

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Hey Ladies, Be encouraged through the words and insights of my sweet sister in Christ and personal health coach, Ashley White @ She has helped me make many positive steps in my whole health journey. We cannot separate our physical self out of the equation in viewing our roles as women. We are women through and through so our bodies matter too! Much Love, Blessings, and Encouragement! Pat Domangue A GIRL, HER PLATE, AND HER CRAVINGS I am wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, writer/blogger, prayer warrior, business owner, and …

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The Beauty of Women

The past week we identified many aspects of our role as women. We know we need to take time to be still and know that He is God. We need to schedule guilt free time for ourselves and value the health of our physical bodies because we do have so many roles. God wired us multi-taskers; thus, we are multi-taskers! Let’s wrap up our week with the most important acknowledgment of our role as women. Truth Psalm 45:10-11 Listen, O daughter, consider and incline your ear; forget your own people …

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Keep Our Eyes on Jesus

I hope you have been encouraged and blessed by the knowledge of Marriage and Family Therapy experts, Joneal and Taylor, over the past 2 days. Today, it’s my turn to encourage you with God’s Word in your role as a Christian woman. We have identified distractions and hinderances that trip us up along the way. The greatest thing we can do to live out our God-intended roles as women is keep our eyes on Jesus. Isaiah 26:3 – You will keep him (her) in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed …

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Is the role of Christian women catering to others?

Is the role of Christian women catering to others? Do you ever feel like your life is spent catering to the wants and needs of everybody else in your life? If you are a Christian woman, I would say most of you feel that way or have felt that way in the past. Many Christian women live this catering life because they let two core beliefs rule their life: Everybody’s wants and needs are above my own. As a Christian woman I am to be a constant giver but never …

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Desperate Households – The Role of Women

Hey Ladies! I am super excited about sharing this series with you. For the next ten weeks we will be discussing 5 key factors that cause “Desperate Households” and biblical and practical ways we can have healthy homes instead of “Desperate Households.” This week’s topic is “The Role of Women.” We want to make sure we are living out spiritually, emotionally, physically healthy roles as women. Each day we will present a different aspect of “The Role of Women.” Today’s blog is a video of an interview with Marriage and …

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