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Pat Domangue, Founder

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As founder of On Fire Ministries, I desire to see women’s lives changed through the power of God’s word just as mine has been changed. I am a Bible study author and teacher and women’s event speaker with a passion for God's Word and for women to experience the incredible life transforming power of His word.
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[Pat's] knowledge of Scripture is extensive and her style of teaching is personal and refreshing. Her passion for Jesus is contagious and I have grown spiritually each time I’ve studied God’s Word with her.

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Our View of Money

I have heard it said that money is one of the top causes for arguments in a marriage. Not sure if that is your story, but it is mine. In the early years of our marriage my husband and I were polar opposites in how we viewed and handled money. We were raised differently and experienced differing situations based on a number of different factors.

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Reoccurring Conflict

Todays blog post about reoccurring conflict is from my friend and personal health coach, Ashley White. Which is better, being right or being at peace? In the middle of a reoccurring conflict with her loved one she lost perspective and ignored this question. She felt justified and decided to stand her ground. Her feelings took charge and she vowed to no longer be taken advantage of. Her firm stance caused both to push away magnifying the problem. Each harped on the others mistakes causing defensive feelings to rise.

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Lord, Control Our Tongue!

Joneal and Taylor have given some great counseling tips regarding conflict and communication. Our Bible study from our opening post about conflict and communication taught us the value of submission and unity in a marriage. Now take a journey with me through the Old Testament book of wisdom and “how to’s,” Proverbs.   Truth King Solomon wrote Proverbs as wise instructions to his son. He wanted him to know what to look for and avoid when marrying a wife. Solomon repeatedly told his son: Better to dwell in a corner of …

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Conflict – A Gateway To Intimacy

Come and join me as I learn from Dr. Joneal Kirby about conflict and communication in marriage. She had my attention when she began our interview stating that conflict is a gateway to intimacy in a marriage. How in the world can that be?  Intimacy in marriage links up with conflict in marriage because it is through working through hard times and issues that we grow and strengthen our relationship. I want to end with a prayer for you and your husband. Remember the power of praying in agreement. …

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Can Divorce Actually Be Predicted?

Today’s blog is from Marriage and Family Counselor Intern, Taylor Draughn. Thanks Taylor! The answer to the question “Can divorce actually be predicted?” is “yes”. I do not claim to have this ability, but a researcher in Washington, named Dr. John Gottman does. He has spent 16 years of his life dedicated to studying marriages and understanding why some last and others fail. He can predict a marriage’s demise not 50, not 60, not even 80% of the time, but 91% of the time after watching a couple’s interaction. He …

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Conflict and Communication in Marriage

Conflict and Communication in marriage can be extremely difficult. When in conflict in our marriage, we struggle being heard and hearing our spouse so of course communication is hindered. Learning to communicate wisely in the midst of conflict may be the real key we are looking for. As a Christian wife, I want to understand the picture God’s word paints for me in my marriage. Today’s Bible study will do just that.   Most of us know that Ephesians 5:22-24 tells us to submit to our husbands and most of …

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Here are some tips and encouragement from Ashley White Wellness for busy moms who have hungry husbands and picky eaters. Ten years ago a church wide invitation to participate in a program “Seven Weeks to Health and Wellness” detoured my life forever. I needed change and desired peace in my home considering I prepared four different meals attempting to please my picky eaters and hungry husband. This craziness was causing friction with my man and running me ragged. I signed up for the program, dove in, and intended to drag …

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Husbands – The Priority Position

My three daughters are precious and have brought me so much joy over their lifetime. I can’t imagine life without them! However, I only have one at home who has 2 years left of high school. There is a good possibility she will move out when she starts college. Our children are not under our roof for a lifetime, but our husband is. If we let our children have the priority position in relationship, what will happen when they move out? I am not sure the answer is always the …

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Healthy Marriage Healthy Enviroment

What a great video we have for you today! Joneal Kirby, Dr. Mom, encourages us as wives and mothers in practical ways. Today’s video is all about having a healthy marriage that gives our children a much needed healthy stable and secure environment to grow and develop in. As we have already seen, a couple-centered family is the kind of family we want to develop, not a child-centered family. Be encouraged by our interview with Joneal Kirby and discover ways you can make a positive impact in your marriage, childen, …

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Why Do I Need A Couple-Centered Family?

Thank you Taylor Draughn for you professional guidance and tips in developing and maintaining a healthy marriage. Want to learn more about Taylor Draughn. Your relationship with your husband is just fine. You and he have agreed to taking the back seat, second to your children for the sake of raising them to be productive members of society. Therefore, making your children you and your spouse’s first priority. Ladies, these beliefs are not only not healthy for your marriage, but also not healthy for your children or their development. Pat …

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