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Equipped and Empowered:

Preparing Women For Spiritual Battle

Equipped and Empowered is a seven-week Bible study designed to prepare women for spiritual battle. This study is a stroll down gold-paved streets on a quest to know God and a journey down the Enemy’s dusty barren path. Find out how you can receive a FREE Guest Speaker session for your next women's ministry event!

Perfect Body Inner Beauty

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As founder of OnFire Ministries, I desire to see women’s lives changed through the power of God’s word just as mine has been changed. I am a Bible study author and teacher and women’s event speaker with a passion for God's Word and for women to experience the incredible life transforming power of His word.

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Summer Bible Study

Digging in Ruth

Digging in Ruth is a 4-week local Bible study. This study will be an extension of DIG: Digging in God’s Word. We will be implementing the study tools and techniques learned in DIG to dig in the Biblical book of Ruth. There will be no fee and no extra books required other than your Bible and a notebook. Anyone is welcome. It is not necessary that you attended the DIG study to participate in this study. .

Seeing Lives Changed

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[Pat's] knowledge of Scripture is extensive and her style of teaching is personal and refreshing. Her passion for Jesus is contagious and I have grown spiritually each time I’ve studied God’s Word with her.

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True Identity

Perfect Body Inner Beauty

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    Bringing Inner Beauty Balance to a “Perfect Body” World

    Perfect Body Inner Beauty

    Perfect Body Ad It wasn’t that long ago I saw a Victoria’s Secret ad called the “Perfect Body”. They were trying to promote a new line of underwear. The ad was a picture of Victoria Secret models (which means tall and slender) lined up in their underwear with the slogan the “Perfect” Body on the image. Their promotion didn’t go over very well. I didn’t feel very beautiful after seeing that image because I am definitely not built like a Victoria Secret model.

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    Are You Angry Over A Situation You Created? 

    Angry over a situation? Did you have anything to do with the situation being what it is? Too many times I have gotten angry over a situation in my life only to look back at the very beginning of it and realize I created it. Not intentionally of course, but trying to make something work out that I really wanted. If I look at the heart of my efforts to work out my situation, I also see my lack of trust and confidence in God.

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    Emotional Eating Cries Emotional Emptiness

    Emotional Eating

    My constant emotional eating was a cry signaling a deprivation from within. There were so many outside indicators of an internal starvation. However, I was neither able to see nor understand the magnitude of what was going on. It was alarming yet, no one noticed. To the world around me I appeared normal, but looking back I see clearly how I was drowning in heartache and brokenness. Food came to my rescue.

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    ARE YOU DEPRESSED? Do You Have Deep Desires That Are Unfulfilled And You Feel Like God Is Not Listening?


    Depressed was clearly the state of mind Hannah found herself in. So depressed that she identified herself saying, “I am a woman of sorrowful spirit.” Hannah had good reason to be depressed. She was married to a man, Elkanah, who had another wife named Peninnah. This in itself would be a bad situation to be in, but not so uncommon for their day. The other woman was identified in the Bible as Hannah’s rival. The other woman is always the rival, the one who torments even if it is only …

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    Do you repeatedly ask yourself, AM I CRAZY?


    AM I CRAZY? is a question many clients in counseling ask. They are frustrated. They find themselves in the same situation over and over again. They believe that their whole situation falls on them. So they find themselves repeatedly asking themselves, AM I CRAZY?. Many of these clients could be labeled with a disorder because of their behavior. Is labeling someone with a disorder always the best thing? I don’t believe so.   Wrongly Identified, Wrongly Answers the Question: AM I CRAZY? Don’t get me wrong. I have studied mental …

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    You Are Not An Emotional Wreck Just Because You Feel Like It!

    Emotional Wreck

    Emotional wreck is a false identity label! So many times we identify ourselves with how we feel. Usually we feel a certain way based on a response or reaction to an emotion  elicited from a particular situation or circumstances in our life. If that situation or those circumstances continue for a long time and we stay in that state of experiencing deep feelings causing an outward response, we are more likely to identify ourselves as an emotional wreck.   You are not an emotional wreck! We are not the sum …

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    Why You Are The Only One Who Can Keep You From Feeling Overwhelmed With Life

    Feeling Overwhelmed with life

    Feeling Overwhelmed With Life? Many times we wear a label someone else placed on us. Maybe a parent spoke something over our life. Maybe a major (good or bad) event happened in our life and we identify ourselves based on that event. Maybe people have identified us based on background, family, or some other factor we had nothing to do with.

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