Equipped and Empowered:

Preparing Women For Spiritual Battle

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Equipped and Empowered is a seven-week Bible study designed to prepare women for spiritual battle. This study is a stroll down gold-paved streets on a quest to know God and a journey down the Enemy’s dusty barren path.

Pat Domangue, Founder

On Fire Ministries

As founder of On Fire Ministries, I desire to see women’s lives changed through the power of God’s word just as mine has been changed. I am a Bible study author and teacher and women’s event speaker with a passion for God's Word and for women to experience the incredible life transforming power of His word. View my Testimony Drama
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Seeing Lives Changed

Dr David Uth

I have had the privilege of being Pat Domangue’s pastor for several years and had the awesome opportunity to watch her grow up in Christ. Pat Domangue served with me on a Worship Planning Creative Team that helped me shape and plan each Sunday service.  During that time, I saw her heart for God and the gift of discernment and insight that He has given her.  So, not only is she a mature believer, she is a gifted teacher and communicator who has awesome insight into God’s truths.  I wholeheartedly recommend her to challenge your women and to exhibit God’s grace.  That is most evident in her testimony.  I was blessed and honored to be her pastor.


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Courage and the Christian Life


Courage – the ability to do something that frightens one. This week I had the joy of having lunch with a dear friend who I don’t get to see that often. She and I caught up on the basics: husband, kids, work, and ministry. Eventually, as always, our conversation turned to Jesus and how He is working in our lives. During our conversation she made a statement regarding us as Christians that made me stop and think. She said, “Courage is what we need.” She recognized that in our world …

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Beauty: Lord Please Tell Them They Are Beautiful


Beauty Prayer A teenage girl prayed for her peers. This was her prayer. “Lord please tell them that they are beautiful because that is their biggest problem.” How profound and how heartbreaking! But it is not just a teenage problem. We all struggle with whether or not we are beautiful. We have believed and perceived beauty as an air-brushed model on the cover of Vogue or Elle. That beauty is not true or lasting. Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall …

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God’s Will For Your Life Begins With Your Day

God’s will for our life is something most of us want to know, pursue, and understand. I have been asked, “How do I know God’s will for my life?” numerous times. Thinking about how to answer, I must consider that the question itself may be the wrong thing to ask. Maybe we should not be asking, “What is God’s will for my life?” Maybe we should pray, “Lord teach me Your will for my day, my present situation, or even my moment. 

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Honoring God More Than Our Children

Honoring God

Honoring God  In my last blog post, 3 Key Actions That Will Benefit Our Children A Lifetime, we looked at the story of Hannah who devoted her child, Samuel, to the service of the Lord. Hannah honored the Lord more than her precious child. Ironically, another parent with not so noble parenting skills follows this story. Eli, the priest of God, was a parent of two “corrupt” sons who “did not know the Lord.” (1 Samuel 2:12) Therefore the sin of the young men was very great before the LORD… …

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Keeping Children Safe

Keeping Children Safe

Keeping My Children Safe Nothing has caused me more fear than fear for my children. When they were little, I was afraid someone would kidnap them. I feared a house fire. I feared some dreadful disease. I feared they might fall prey to evil men. You name it, when it comes to my three daughters, I have feared. Keeping children safe is a big deal to a mom!

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New Beginnings: Is God Preparing You?

New Beginnings

New beginnings can be exciting! I am excited to have a few weeks of devotional blogs and then we will begin a new blog series. Three weeks ago I became a grandmother. That’s exciting! My daughter and her husband are planners. When their baby girl was born, they had done all the prep work, budgeted, and planned their baby’s entrance into this world as much as was possible. They wanted to make sure their new beginning was the best it could be. My husband and I are adding a built-in …

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Complete Healing: The Way It Began, The Way it Will Be

Complete Healing

Today completes the Quest For Wholeness Blog and Podcast series. I hope you gained encouragement and experienced healing and wholeness in some area of your life during this past 6 months of Quest For Wholeness. One day we will experience complete healing and wholeness in every area of life.

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